Very recently, we discussed in an article about How to start iPhone App business ? and today i see an interesting news on this topic. Its all about Ding Wen’s iPhone App which got downloaded 700, 000 times from Apple’s Store. The iphone App develop by Wen is named as Doodle Kids that he created when he was only 9 Years of age (he is 11 years now).

Click Here To Make iPhone Apps !

Click Here To Make iPhone Apps !

  • Doodle Kids an iPhone App which helps kids to draw random shapes and clear the screen when you shake the iPhone 🙂 And interesting, this App was released to Android Market too and got over 180K downloads.

The reason why I am sharing this interesting news is to understand the “Demand For iPhone Apps” in the market and its one of the hottest Online Business. All you need is programming knowledge or you should hire some one to develop the iPhone Apps. See even this kid had learned programming languages at age 9 and his app got this much popularity. Interestingly, he is working on another iPad App called Invader War 2.

In an interview with Yahoo, his father says:

“He is just a normal kid like everybody else. I think Ding Wen developed an interest in programming because his dad is a programmer. Right now, I’m happy because we can discuss programming-related stuff together, and write software to ‘compete’ with each other. It’s a father-and-son thing,” he claimed.

Check here for more updates from Yahoo !


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