Good that you are looking sites for writing articles and to earn money from that work. That’s a great idea too! Because writing and publishing articles is a fun and challenging job that even I love too. But that depends on individual interest and abilities. It is really tough to survey now-a-days for writers because of the dynamics of the search industry that most of the writers are gone away. However, when you are really passionate about writing and your topic of interest can drive you to succeed. Okay, lets come to the topic.

In general, there are 3 reasons for writing articles on article writing sites.

  • To promote a product or business online.
  • To gain backlinks to your site or blog.
  • And, to earn money for writing articles.

Now our focus is towards the 3rd reason. There are various sites where you could publish your articles and earn money from that. The source of income could be either based on the traffic drive or its pure revenue sharing or via promoting your affiliate link.List of sites for writing articles and earning money

Let’s see 10 such famous sites where you could write articles and earn money.

  • Squidoo – (note: Squidoo is now part of Hubpages) The well known famous article publishing platform. They call each of the published pages as “Lens”. Squidoo has a variety of topics covered and you have the full freedom to manage and write your content same like your own website. The advantage is that you could connect with other squidoo users. There are millions of squidoo users who are making fun out of creating lenses. It has more than 1000K+ lenses published. You can also signup for Google Adsense and get a percentage of adsense income from squidoo. Apart from that, you could get a share for Amazon products sold and much more. Refer to the Getting Started page for detailed information on Squidoo.
  • Hubpages – The alternate site to Squidoo and it is also the most famous article writing site. I have used hubpages and found its too fun. It’s easy and simple to create well-formatted content. Hubpages can drive more traffic especially from search engines and also, you can get connect with fellow writers. You can also make a decent income from this site. It shares your Google Adsense income, it’s quite simple to integrate your Adsense account into hubpages or you can also apply for one account from Hubpages. Apart from Adsense, you can also use Amazon, eBay Affiliate programs on hubpages and you will earn a percentage of income from hubpages. I used it along with Amazon associates and made little success. Just refer their FAQ for more information on Hubpages.
  • Xomba – An instant article, opinion, news or anything from short to long you can post on Xomba. Posts are called Xombytes. It’s again Google Adsense based revenue sharing site. Generally, xomba is used to create quick backlinks and to drive quick traffic to your own blogs but you could make some extra income by joining Xomba. The advantage is that you can write short posts on xomba, especially for Lazy people 🙂 Check their FAQ page for more information.
  • Flixya – A good site to share everything from writing articles, sharing videos and images. The best thing is that you will be paid 100% revenue that you make out of your pages or videos or images (note: looks like they have dropped the revenue program recently). Not only your writing skills, you could organize your own videos and images on Flixya. It’s more fun to work with Flixya because you could manage your personal videos and images also not just articles. You can create a cool profile, make friends, share content with each other just like any other social network. Register with Flixya here for free.
  • Bukisa – A site to share your knowledge and earn money for that based on the traffic you gained. Publish articles on Bukisa, drive traffic and get earn money for every 1000 hits your page makes. You will be paid a fixed amount for every 1000 hits and more traffic you generate, you will earn more. (note: looks Buksia is no longer a revenue sharing program).
  • Triond – Yet another site with active 50% revenue sharing program. All you have to submit original content to Triond, their team reviews and publishes on their own network based on the topic. You can see how it works.
  • Envanto – One of the largest network of digital products and the content network made for developers, now offering a way for writers also.  You can register free, create a profile in Envanto studio and get paid when hired for projects.

There are few more sites like: Helium (no longer active), She told me , Digital Journal that you can also try out.

Conclusion on Writing Articles for Money.

It’s a good idea to write articles for any of these sites to earn money.

BUT you can do all these only for gaining some extra income and you could not really make huge income from this type of work. These kinds of web sites are generally used to market and promote business web sites or blogs.

  • I strongly recommend you to start your own self-hosted blog, write for your blog and attain success for the long term. You can refer to my step-by-step guide to create your own blog.
  • Or if you are really passionate about writing, you can consider joining the freelancer web site – build your profile – write for others – get paid and attain long-term success.

That’s a better approach, I could suggest!

Here is a nice infographic (on how to find writing jobs) published by freelancewriting. I hope it will be useful to you.How to find writing job? Infographics


About the Author:

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  1. Imtiyaz naik - Reply

    its me, IMTIYAZ.
    I want to earn money through internet by giving my knowladge to u, the general knowladge facts etc.Writing articles. Plz

    • Dude, I don't clearly understand your statement, do you want to write for this blog ? or you are telling anything else ?

      • Zahid - Reply

        Dude, I just want to earn money. I will write articles for those who will reward me for my efficient work, it would be this website or other.

  2. I consider this site to be a wealth of information about making money. Come visit me at so we can share more.

  3. Hi,
    I use a simply tool to earn money.
    If you are a photographer and have an adsense account,
    isphotobomb dot com is great. After login upload your photos,
    go to "Apply Adsense" and put your adsense ID.
    Then, just share the photo links and earn..

    • Mr.Ven - Reply

      Thanks for your suggestion, Mike !

  4. zamiel - Reply

    excellent……and just to get start action now.

  5. lunnei - Reply

    how can i start blogging in a revenue sharing site. Can you suggest me some?

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      start with hubpages, squidoo…do practice with writing and slowly, write on other established revenue sharing blogs…it works the great. In parallel, write for your own blog and one day, you could open door for other writers in your own blog 😉

  6. ARTHUR Olsen - Reply

    Hey. I wanted to provide you a speedy note to exhibit my regards. I’ve been seeing your weblog for a month or so and have learned a heap of solid details as well as relished the way you have built your web site. I am setting about running my own website notwithstanding I think its too popular and I would like to center more on smaller tips.

  7. Sam Miguel - Reply

    Guys….check contentauthority dot com

  8. Lala Doodaa Jones - Reply

    I absolutely like the manner in which you have presented this specific situation and it does indeed give me personally a lot of fodder for thought. However, through everything that I have personally seen, I just simply hope when the remarks stack on that folks stay on point and don’t embark upon a soap box involving some other news of the day. All the same, thank you for this outstanding point and whilst I can not really concur with this in totality, I respect your standpoint. Thank you, Mr. Ven !

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      thanks for your comment…seen you back !

  9. Hey! now i’m writing for Bukisa but, their revenue’s so less which i couldn’t imagine.Please suggest me more place where i can write my contents…Is this “” good for Writing some articles and earn some healthy revenues?

  10. Lavinia - Reply

    Thanks Mr. Ven for being generous with your contribution. Your blog post really exemplifies excellent and relevant information

  11. Thank you for the information. Since my website was created I have had so much information and advice which ahs amounted to nothing. On reading your site I feel that I am now on the right track. Thank you

  12. zahirul - Reply

    For article writting job it is best idea if you have your own blog or site with high PR and rich content.

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      That’s right Zahirul, however content is more important than PR now-a-days !

  13. saeef - Reply

    i wish to write article and earn money.. this is help to me as my expectation..
    thanks.. mr. ven

  14. Noble - Reply

    I use some of the sites you listed above.

    I also came across a smaller site called Publishers’ Vault that is more affiliate based and offers a 75/25 split of revenue in favor of the author. I have had good SERP results there and it is my best Amazon Affiliate earner. Worth checking out =]

  15. very useful informative article… i follow those website to earn money online..

    Keep it updatesss looking for new article……

  16. Shaun - Reply

    A very well written post which details all the major revenue sharing sites. I tend to use smaller ones such as snipsly and boostplace as they share 80% of their adsense revenue with authors. Boost Place even shares 80% of its chitika revenue too.

    Both of these sites allow dofollow links from within the articles you submit. Its a win-win situation, earn some revenue and get some link juice.

  17. Shaun - Reply

    There are a lot of adsense revenue sharing sites out there. Most of the newer ones are having to share more of their revenues to draw people in. Snipsly shares 80% of its adsense revenue for example.

    I found another new one recently which shares both 80% of its adsense and chitika revenue. This site is boostplace dot com. Its a pretty easy to use platform and operates in a similar way to snipsly except it shares more revenue due to sharing an extra advertisers impressions.

  18. yugandhar - Reply

    you can earn $50+ in a week..
    you have to complete simple task such as to like facebook page,
    vote , follow on twitter…
    minimum earning per task is $0.1 and you can earn $2+ per task…
    with all yhis you can earn through their forum also..
    $0.01 per post $0.01 per reply to your thread by other members and $0.01per reply to other post..
    you can cashout at just $2….
    if you want to earn quick money
    just sign up

  19. These are all good suggestions, especially for newer writers who really want to get the practice and start to get a following. I love hubpages for that reason.

    There are SO many writing opportunities available though, many of which most people don’t consider. It’s also possible to make real money, not just pennies through adsense sharing when you learn about actual different specialized careers in freelancing.

    A free website I developed and shared my research into the multitudes of freelance writing genres, the average income, how to get started etc. It’s totally free so I hope you will enjoy it and maybe it will help with finding some better paying gigs.

  20. Shah Sultan Rony - Reply

    You can create an account with Helium, Associated Content, eHow or Hubpages and submit your articles on this site. These sites make money displaying ads.

  21. samrat kafle @ BloggingTalks - Reply

    Yes ,these sites are great but most of them are adsense revenue sharing so if you want to get paid on paypal you can use freelancers as well as there are some more sites which pays you in paypal just search it 🙂 thanks Mr. Ven for the post

  22. Ariek - Reply

    Hi Mr.Ven,
    Thanks a lot for your helpful articles especially this article. I’ll try some of above site for promoting my site @ anyway, please visit my site and leave your comment, thanks.

  23. I Am Confused That, How Can I Make Money From Squido, By Adsense.Please Help Me Anyone???

  24. DeDee - Reply

    There is also RedGage. They don’t use adsense and you only get paid per 1000 page views. However you can get a backlink by posting an article/blog. You can also upload photos and videos along with links to a website or blog and get paid the same way per views.

  25. wonderful article…..don’t forget to also make great, huge amounts of money from clicking ads at $6 per click. its free to be a member and view the ads!

  26. Roshan - Reply

    Hi i would like to earn extra income without signing up for anything monetarily. can u help?

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      Roshan, all these are free to join sites and you don’t need to pay anything to begin….

  27. David - Reply

    I’ve tried nearly all of the sites above. I’ve had hardly any luck on any of them. I’ve recently started writing for a new site called Motor Mouth ( and had a much better time.

    It’s all about trial and error and finding a topic that you can link back to a product or affilate link

    Best of Luck

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      Yes David, its all experimentation only. I have tried Hubpages especially to promote Amazon products, it works well on holiday season 😉

      Otherwise, i want to always write for my blogs. See you back with good news. Thanks for your comment.

  28. Hi Mr. Ven. It has been around 4 months that I started blogging. I still don’t know what’s happening with my blog!

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      Thanks for the comment Rohan. Over years, what i have understood is that, don’t just do blogging instead build a product or something valuable and promote that with your blog. that’s the real business, if you want see some serious income. Otherwise, simply pick bunch of affiliate products and hardly promote them.

  29. Yes you are correct. one can make money with these websites by writing good original content. But for getting a decent amount one should write a lot of articles or contents.

  30. Very good article.First time I hearing about Xomba, Flixya and Bukisa.Thank you Mr.Ven. I can suggest some more like Wizzley and TipDrop.

  31. I’ve tried nearly all of the sites above. I’ve had hardly any luck on any of them. I’ve recently started writing for a new site called Motor Mouth ( and had a much better time.

  32. Rodgers - Reply

    I never knew all this chances existed, kudos!

  33. Saalim sheikh - Reply

    Sir i want to write articles or poetry in urdu language and earn some money,is it possible??? If yes so pleas guide me how can i do it

  34. Qunson - Reply

    Dear Mr. VEN TESH, your content was like a “one stop for all” super store! I had almost what I wanted here. I understand all the links are of affiliate income to you; but I signed up to most of those sites through your links. Looking forward to getting more help from you. Not forgetting the important par: Thank You!

  35. Dalibor Sojic - Reply

    There is brand new google adsense revenue sharing site: hooppler dot com

    They will place your adsense code on your articles. Great opportunity to promote yourself, your partner(s)/client(s) services and products.

  36. thanks for this.. very informative

  37. gracemary - Reply

    I only know squidoo and hubpages. Its nice to know there are more. I owe this site for knowing more alternative writing platforms to earn money.

  38. True, there are many websites you can earn from by writing papers. Essay writing service providers are another kind of websites to earn from by writing.

  39. Thanks alot dear friend to share very good popular and free earning through article sites i have tested the hubpages yet and will try others too

  40. Hey Ven,

    This is a great source of money making opportunities for bloggers.

    From this list, it seems Xomba is not functional now. It will be better if you could replace this with some other site. I have registered with a similar paid to write website – PayPerPost, couple of days back, but I am yet to get an opportunity from them.

    Thanks for sharing this. Take care 🙂

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