Writing is an Art. Anyone can write. Writing great needs knowledge. Writing regularly need practice. When it comes to blogging, it’s all about writing and consistent content generation.

Without writing regularly, your blog won’t grow as you expect.

If you see any of the biggest or famous blog, you will find only one thing in common: They all produce content regularly or almost every day or even multiple times a day.

That’s the major reason those blogs are bigger, famous and growing consistently.writers writing habits

As an individual, running a blog if you want to consistently write good content for sure you need a writing interest. It’s also dependent on your own blogging or writing goals.

When I started blogging 5-6 years back, I was not at all aware much about writing.

I used to “just” produce content.

However, when I slowly realized the importance of writing and found it interesting. Even when I quit blogging and resumed back, I still feel that writing interests myself.

In this article, I will take you through few of the interesting methods using that you can write regularly for your blog.

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First, Understand the Goals of Your Writing.

One of the major mistakes of beginner writers, not clearly understanding why they are writing.

You can ask this question yourself:

If you have a clear picture on blogging goals then you can write towards that goal. Most of the time, we end up writing something random.

This happens to me as well, I used to write randomly on what’s coming to my mind.

However, I used to change that attitude by properly understanding why I am writing.

You have to remind yourself again and again, why you are writing?

My goal of writing is to bring readers who are owning a blog. I can show my products to them and that’s my overall goal of blogging.

This way, I know my audience well and I can write appropriately – in other words, I can serve readers better.

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Tree View the Sub-Categories and Gap Fill Your Writing.

Your blogging topic is the key.

Writing regularly needs a complete understanding of your blog topic.

The method I used to follow personally:

  • List down the major categories of your blog.
  • Breakdown them into sub-categories or even down a level.
  • Create a “Tree View” of it and keep it in your notepad or writing book (try Creately).
  • I used to keep this as a hard paper copy. I will refer to it always.
  • This also helps me to “fill the gaps” easily by finding what are all the topics not covered.

For example, if you go through that Tree View you can easily find out where you are writing more and where you are lacking in-depth coverage.create tree view for writing

This way, you can generate constant writing ideas which help to write regularly for your blog.

Try this method, it’s worth and its working great for me.

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Explore Forums, Q&A Websites For Writing Ideas.

Forums or Q&A sites are the sources of major writing ideas.

In forums, you can see a lot of questions or discussions happening on a topic. Most of the discussions are serious and you can easily find out the list of problems faced by the audience.

Regularly going through the forums may help you to come up with new writing ideas for your blog.

You can simply search Google like “your topic + forum” to find all those famous forums.

Yahoo Answers and Quora are my favorite Q&A sites where you get tons of writing ideas.

You can also refer to the stack exchange network where most the topics are covered by a StackOverflow kind of Q&A site. It’s worth the time.

Steal Writing Ideas From Your Competitors.

When it comes to blogging, it’s all transparent. You can easily find out what your competitor is doing to grow his or her blog.

Find out the type of content produced by your competitor. See how they are attracting their audience and their keywords, the problem that they speak about, everything related to your blog topic.

Now you don’t need to exactly copy their articles instead you can write about the same topic in your own style.

Further, you can also find where your competitors are lagging and you can fill that gap.

This way, you may not run out of writing ideas and hence you can regularly write almost every day.

I used to subscribe to most of the related blogs and I see what type of content or articles are written by other pro bloggers.

This helps me to keep on publishing great content for BlashO.

Have a Writing Schedule & Follow it Regularly.

Writing regularly is not a tough task.

All you need content ideas non-stop.

You can schedule your writing using a simple reminder service. There are a lot of Android Apps or iPhone Apps that helps you to setup a schedule.

I own an Android device and I use To Do Reminder App for all my daily reminders. It’s a simple App.

Further, you can also use a WordPress plugin to schedule your writing.

A schedule may help you to plan your writing time however, you have to strictly follow it in order to write consistently.

It’s all about your mindset.

Take Breaks from Regular Writing.

There are days when you may feel bad about writing. Or you may be busy occupied with some other priority tasks.

In such a scenario, never force you to write.

Even few days you may feel more happy, you can also take a break on those days and enjoy your time.

Taking breaks often helps you to think fresh and also, it readily improves writing productivity.

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I used to follow all these tips myself and it is helping me to write consistently here in BlashO.

You can take a look at my archives and see, how consistent I am at least to some extent.

When you have the blogging goal in mind, you can be focused on it and you can easily achieve whatever you want from your writing.

All I can say is, writing needs knowledge and regular writing needs practice.

Don’t read a lot any more on this topic.

Go, practice.

You can.


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