Writing blog posts to attract readers is one of the key activity of your blog.

Most of time, you will be thinking what blog to post write? When you write, you may think – how do I give the best to my readers?

This happens not only to you, most of the bloggers will come across this situation almost every day, including me.

When I started blogging, I was too much focused on keywords and started putting blog posts which are simply to promote keywords. However, when I defined the purpose of my blog – when I defined the goal for blogging, I realized more about, how to write best blog posts that can fulfill my goals.

Though, I read a lot about blogging from various other blogs, it doesn’t help until I personally realize, what I need.

If you are in this situation then I hope this blog post will help you in great extent.Image showing a writer

I have written this post as simple/short as possible, to clearly give those tips that I personally feel.

  1. First, identify the primary topic of your blog and always, make sure you are writing about it.
  2. Always keep the readers problem in mind and speak about those problems in your blog posts.
  3. Learn to write as a professional and if you are not a professional writer then learn to behave.
  4. Identify the target keywords and always, make sure that you are writing around it.
  5. Try to solve the readers problem through your blog post. Repeat it, every time.
  6. Write your own experiences and that will be the best blog post ever written.
  7. Make sure, you write about all the major sub-topics from your blog’s primary topic.
  8. You can compile all your best blog posts as a resource and link it, from a hotspot on your blog.
  9. Keep your home page such that it should convey, what’s your blog is all about.
  10. Write about products (to promote) that are only related to your blog and the readers.
  11. Write about your own products, if you have it.
  12. Learn how to make money from your blog.
  13. Always write blog posts towards your blogging goals in mind and make sure it helps to achieve it also.
  14. Analyze Google Analytics and find out, what kind of blog posts are generating more traffic to your blog. Write more similar blog posts, it works great.
  15. Re-use keywords from your competitor and see, how they are driving traffic to their blogs from those keywords.  Use a tool like SEMRush.
  16. If you are writing detailed blog posts then show screenshots and explain it in practical steps. An example here.
  17. You can compile a blog post of best videos related to your blog topic made by others. An example here.
  18. Learn SEO only from Google and don’t listen to any other SEO advice from so called Experts.
  19. While writing, always keep your blog readers in mind and also, consider search engines through keywords.
  20. Don’t expect too much to happen with your blog too early however, have reasonable + achievable goals.
  21. Write regularly and post consistently – make it as a habit then you won’t stop writing.
  22. Use Google Planner Tool to find new keyword ideas.
  23. Consider writing for other blogs in your topic.
  24. Always write with high confidence.
  25. Never afraid to write your own thoughts.
  26. Always enjoy your writing.
  27. Never copy blog posts from others.
  28. Don’t worry about blog post length, always keep it natural to the topic.
  29. Write in this order: Title > Sub-Titles > Actual Content > Conclusion.
  30. At least read your new blog post twice before you publish.
  31. Learn to write faster. Practice, practice – it improves naturally.
  32. Use tools like Grammarly to correct spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. I am poor in English. Then also, I won’t stop writing ๐Ÿ˜‰
  33. Have affiliate links only on required places and don’t just fill your blog with affiliate links. Try AffiLinker for free.
  34. Prepare a list of blog posts to write and plan for it. It helps you to save a lot of time.
  35. Watch other experts in your topic. Try to follow & then beat their writing style.
  36. Use Images and Videos on your blog posts, wherever required.
  37. Link to others best content and always do it, wherever required.
  38. Share Infographics made by others on your blog.
  39. Write “x-Sites”, “x-Tools” kind of blog posts.
  40. Write “How To” blog posts.
  41. Be clear.
  42. Be focused.
  43. Read this blog post again.

About the Author:

I love-to-code, passionate-to-write, an upcoming author, and WordPress enthusiast. Here at BlashO, I mostly share WordPress tips. Connect with me @Twitter.


  1. Learn SEO only from Google is a silly piece of advice tbh. It sounds good, but it’s not. Google doesn’t teach SEO, it just tells people to write nice content. Do you really need someone to tell you this? Good list otherwise.

    • Ven Tesh - Reply

      Valentin, Thanks for the comment.

      Have you read the pdf file on Google SEO? It’s not only about writing nice content, it has all the major technical stuff’s on SEO right from keywords, link structure, backlinks etc. The intention is, to avoid over optimization and do only “what is required”.

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