Tired of manually cleaning those spam comments from your blog? You don’t need to work manually any more. Install WP Spam Comments and just schedule – it works for you.

There are lot of plugins like Akismet, Anti-Spam etc. which can prevent spam comments from getting published in your blog. All these plugins can help you to move those bad comments into the ‘Spam’ folder.

WP Spam Comments Plugin

However, over-a-period of time your blog and it’s database will be bloated with lot of spam comments which definitely reduces the performance of your blog. Its really important for you to delete or clean all those spam comments periodically. Manually deleting every time is a nightmare.

Hence I developed WPSpamComments for my own blog and now the plugin takes care of this dirty work – it periodically cleans the spam comments from the database. You can also configure the periodicity (in hours).

WPSpamComments works in 2 different modes:

  • Manual Mode: Where you can click “Delete All Spam Comments Now” to remove all the spam comments from your blog immediately.
  • Auto Mode: Where you have to configure the periodicity and click “Schedule Now”. The plugin periodically cleans all the spam comments in your blog automatically.

Different modes of WP Spam Comments

Different modes of WP Spam Comments

Spam Comments Removal Now Scheduled

Spam Comments Removal Has Been Scheduled

No Spam Comments, All Cleaned

No Spam Comments, All Cleaned

Go and enjoy blogging, don’t worry about spam comments any more.

Let me know, if you have any issues or suggestions in using WP Spam Comments Plugins.

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