Lazy loading is one of the easiest technique to reduce the loading time of your blog. Images and YouTube Videos are always a part of our blog posts, pages. In fact, every blog post will have images and depending on the need, most of the blog posts have the YouTube videos embedded.

If you used to embed a lot of YouTube videos on your blog, go and check the loading time of the blog post itself (not the homepage).

You will be surprised by seeing the load time of the blog post/page.

YouTube videos are heavy media content and it directly affects the loading time. If you are serious about the load time of your blog then for sure you have to make sure, you are optimizing it from every perspective especially when you use heavy media content like YouTube videos.WordPress plugins to lazy load YouTube videos

Here at BlashO, I used to have YouTube video embedded on the homepage earlier and I removed it when I was surprised to see how much time the YouTube video took to load.

In this article, I will take you through the best WordPress plugins which helps you to easily lazy load all the YouTube videos embedded on your blog.

1. WP Lazy Loader for YouTube Videos & Images.

This is one of the easy to configure WordPress plugin which quickly enables lazy loading of all YouTube videos on your WordPress blog. You can customize the plugin to lazy load YouTube videos on blog posts, blog pages as well as on the homepage.WP Lazy Loader

That means you can enable lazy loading of YouTube videos:

  • only on the homepage of your WordPress or
  • only on blog posts or
  • only on blog pages or
  • in a combination of blog posts, pages, homepage.

You can find more information on the WP Lazy Loader page.

2. Smart4y Lazy Load for Images & Iframes (YouTube Videos embedded as Iframes).

Smart4y Lazy Load is a premium WordPress plugin to lazy load images and YouTube videos which are embedded using iframe tags. This plugin also optimizes the images for search engines by automatically adding alt tags and allows search engines to index them.

When you embed YouTube videos using the iframe tag, this plugin will do the lazy load of YouTube videos.

You can also see the demo of Smart4y lazy load plugin here.Smart4y lazy load

3. Lazy Load by WP Rocket.

This is one of the best WordPress plugin for lazy loading YouTube videos as well as images. This plugin is maintained by WP Rocket (the WordPress cache plugin) and there are no complex options to setup with this plugin.lazy load wprocket

All you have to just install it, by default it lazy loads images and YouTube videos (which are embedded using iframe tags).

  • They claim the script size is lightweight 10KB in size – whereas WP Lazy Loader is even lighter in size 2KB only.

You can find more information about WP Rocket’s Lazy plugin.

4. Lazy Load for Videos WordPress Plugin.

This is one of the best plugin specially made for lazy loading videos. Not just YouTube videos, it also supports Vimeo videos.

It converts the YouTube video into a clickable preview image and it loads the actual YouTube video only when the user clicks on it.

That means by default it loads a preview image instead of loading the YouTube video. Even when the visibility comes to the video, it shows the preview image and only when it is clicked, it loads the YouTube video.lazy load for videos

This plugin is totally a different one when compared to other plugins, you can give a try and see how it works on your blog.

5. A3 Lazy Load WordPress Plugin.

When I see the plugin, interestingly they have a demo page with 1000’s of images embedded and it stress tests the lazy loading when you scroll down the demo page.A3 Lazy Load WP Plugin

This plugin supports YouTube videos and all other iframe based embedded contents say, Vimeo videos also.

You can download and try it on your blog.

To conclude:

  • if your blog has a lot of YouTube videos then for sure you have to use a lazy load plugin (which supports YouTube videos)
  • if you are looking for a simple to use plugin better go for WP Lazy Loader
  • in case, if you are looking for a more premium solution then go for Smart4y lazy load

Let me know, which WordPress plugin do you use on your blog? or how do you enable lazy loading for YouTube videos?


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