Let’s see the simplest difference between WordPress hosting and Shared hosting. Shared hosting is the web hosting service in which multiple domains are hosted or served from a single web server. In contrast, WordPress hosting is a web hosting service in which a domain is hosted or served from a WordPress optimized web server.

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WordPress hosting and shared hosting are not equally comparable. In actual, a WordPress hosting shall also be a shared hosting.WordPress hosting vs Shared hosting

Let’s get into more details without any confusion.

What is Shared Hosting?

As we stated earlier, in shared hosting the web hosting provider serves multiple domains from a single web server. That means, a single web server may serve more than 1 domain (or site). Depending on the web hosting plan, the hosting provider may serve even 1000’s of domains from a single web server.What is shared hosting?

Advantages of Using Shared Hosting.

  • Low-cost service – since the operating cost for this service is low, generally, these are the low-cost plans available with almost every hosting provider.
  • Allows to use most popular apps – With a shared hosting plan, you will be given the flexibility to use the most popular web apps. For example, you can setup a WordPress site or Joomla site or even a Magento based eCommerce site.

Disadvantages of Using Shared Hosting.

  • Low Server Performance – Since your domain will be hosted along with multiple other domains, there will be performance issues definitely. For example, if one of the domain gets a spike in traffic, the web server may find it difficult to serve other domains hosted on it. However, with the recent load balancing technologies in place, web hosting companies are able to better manage such performance issues.
  • Chances of More Security Issues – There are high chances that your data may get accessed through the loopholes from other shared domains. Since multiple domains are hosted here, there are high chances of misusing the server through a different domain even though there are no issues with your domain. However, a reliable web hosting provider will have the right technology in place to have a contained environment for every domain hosted on their shared web server.

What is WordPress Hosting?

As stated earlier, WordPress hosting is a web hosting service in which the domain is served from a WordPress optimized web server. That means the web servers are specialized for WordPress and you are allowed to setup only WordPress based domains.What is WordPress hosting?

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A WordPress hosting plan shall be:

  • a shared hosting plan where multiple WordPress based domains are served from a single WordPress optimized web server
  • a dedicated hosting plan where only one WordPress based domain will be served by a single dedicated WordPress optimized web server
  • a virtual hosting plan where only one WordPress based domain will be served by a virtually managed + WordPress optimized web server

Advantages of Using WordPress Hosting.

  • Optimized for Better Server Performance – As the web servers are specially built for WordPress they can be well optimized for better performance in terms of loading speed.
  • More secured – Again the web servers are specially built for WordPress they can secure the server’s environment especially for WordPress. For example, it enables the hosting provider to quickly apply the latest WordPress core updates on their servers (since all the hosted domains are WordPress based).
  • Suitable for Development Environment – With WordPress hosting plan, most of the web hosting providers are allowing you to stage your development. That means you can test all the changes you make before pushing it live.

Disadvantages of Using WordPress Hosting.

  • Specialized only for WordPress – Yes, you are allowed to use only WordPress system. In case, if you want to setup Joomla in your hosting account, it is not possible with a WordPress hosting plan.
  • WordPress based Restrictions – There may be restrictions in using WordPress, web hosting providers won’t allow you to install certain WordPress plugins. For example, HostGator won’t allow you to install a list of WordPress plugins with their WordPress hosting plans.

Other than these two, there are not many disadvantages, in fact, your hosting provider will be able to support you better with all the WordPress related queries.

Which one to use? Shared or WordPress hosting.

The answer to this question is very simple.why to use WordPress hosting?

Let me know, what kind of hosting plan you are using for your WordPress blog? and why?


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