Making Money from affiliate marketing is one of the easiest Online Business (is it?). Now the Question is, without spending money, how do you make it possible ? First of all, is it possible to sell affiliate products without spending money ?

The answer is, YES !

This article is for those who are looking to make more money from affiliate marketing that too without spending money. Before going deeper into the topic, will see what are the basic requirements you need ?

Basic Requirements To Replace Money/Investment.

If you are reading my blog regularly, you will know that i will always speak about Time and Knowledge. Because, they are the very basic requirements to work online. Lets see them in detail.

Time To Work. First, you need Time to work. Definitely, you have to sit and work.When you have enough time, you could do all the work to sell affiliate products. Go it, you don’t need to hire some one for money !

Knowledge To Work Right. Secondly, you need Knowledge to work. Knowledge in the sense, the right knowledge. Basically, how to sell without spending money ? And where to sell ? And the process involved in this strategy !

Traffic To Sell. Keep in mind that, “Traffic” is the source of income for affiliate marketing. Without traffic, you could not sell any products online. This is similar to real world business. Think of a shop, if no one goes to that shop, the shop owner could not sell his products, right ? Same fact is applicable here too. More important, you need to find the right people to sell.

Now, How To Sell Without Spending Money ?

Now you understood the basic requirements as Time, Knowledge & Traffic. When you have all these 3, you could sell affiliate products without spending money. Lets see how to sell ?

She Don't Want To Spend !

She Don’t Want To Spend !

Enforcing Content Marketing.

“Content marketing” is the strategy that we are going to take now in hand. Internet marketers do drive traffic through many sources. Out of which, content marketing is the best method to drive affiliate product sales. You don’t need to really invest money to perform a Content Marketing Campaign.

All you need is, Produce Content. You have to write content that drives sales. Now the question is, how to write such content ?

Here are 4 ideas to start your content marketing strategy, right now:

  • Write an article explaining the Pros & Cons of the affiliate product.
  • Write a product review explaining the purpose/features of the product.
  • Write articles related to the product & its market.
  • Spend 30-40 minutes for this, you could write an article in 600-800 words.
  • Before all these, you must understand the affiliate product first.

Importance of Keywords.

When you applying content marketing strategy to sell affiliate products, you must know the importance of keywords.

Keywords are so important because:

  • Keywords are the source of traffic.
  • Keywords decides the nature of traffic (we need people who buy the product).
  • Keywords drives search engine traffic.
  • Keywords triggers CTR (Click-Through-Rate).

Few examples of a profitable keywords which drives BUYER traffic, “buy best”,ย  “review”, “download now”, “compare” (these are prefix/postfix keywords). Your article must use such keywords in its Title, Body, Sub-Headings.

Where To Market Products FREE ?

We are ready with articles which has profitable keywords in it. Now where/how to market the article (to sell affiliate product) ? There are many ways to spread your content. Few of the practical ways are:

  • Publish article in your own blog (if you don’;t have a blog, why don’t you start one related to the product ?)

Most recommended:

  • Publish articles to Hubpages (it ranks good in search engines) as well to Squidoo.
  • Now rewrite the original article
  • Submit the rewritten article to article directories to build links to the original hubpage/squidoo articles.

Repeat these steps again.

Have a plan and write 3-4 articles per week, going forward in 1-2 months, you will see increase in affiliate sales (without spending money).

Experimentation, The Continuous Process In Selling.

We are nearing the end. As part of this strategy, Experimentation is more important. Because, when you do it as an experimentation, you will explore new things. You will find new strategies. You will find optimized steps.

  • Start with 2-3 products and promote it.
  • Later, see how it sells ?
  • If you are not making sales, try with a different product.
  • Repeat and rinse these steps…

Keep in mind, you could not simply do all these in a day or two. It takes time and you have to sit & work. Definitely, in 1-2 months, you will sell more affiliate products that too without spending money ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Pamela - Reply

    This is a great article for anyone starting in affiliate marketing. When it comes to writing product reviews, I think people should consider buying the product before promoting it then they will be able to write informative reviews and see if the product actually delivers what it promise.

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      Yes, if you buy the product then you could write better reviews. But it is not always required to buy the product before reviewing, just by giving your opinion you could write a great review !

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. thanx for sharing such a nice tips

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