A lot of people who are blogging today started their blogs because they want to be making money at the comfort of their homes just by writing. After a few weeks of no results they end up giving up.

I have once been a product of a failed blog and I keep on learning new things from my blog where I teach people about medifast and nutrisystem.

In my experience as a blogger I have noticed a few major reasons why most people fail to make money blogging and I’ve been able to overcome a lot of them.

In this article I will be giving you some of the major reasons why you are yet to be making money online as a blogger.money

You are not Different from the Competitor

There are hundreds of millions of blogs in the blogosphere today and as a result there are just too many competitors that it becomes really difficult for a lot of budding bloggers to succeed.

  • If you’re reading this then there is every probability you are not the most popular blogger in your niche – what I’m trying to say is that you still need to do a lot of work to ensure you stand out from those top bloggers.

Nobody will come and buy a product from you when the most successful blogger in your niche is selling a product similar to that.

In order to overcome that you need to let people see that you are different from the competitor.

  • For example, in my own case I can easily stand out when I focus the most of my efforts on talking about nutrisystem and medifast alone instead of talking about health and fitness in general. That way it will be extremely easy for me to stand out against the big giants in my niche.

You are too Afraid to Monetize Your Blog

Another reason why most bloggers just can’t make money from their blog is not because they don’t have the traffic or because their audience won’t buy from then but because they are too afraid to monetize their blog.

Most people complain about not being able to make money from their blog when they hardly monetize it.

  • What is the main step you are taking to monetize your blog? In how many ways have you planned to make money from your blog?
  • It doesn’t matter if it is product sales you want or if it is affiliate sales. You have to promote your offers to your readers before they buy it – stop being too shy to monetize your blog, try to get started doing something today!

You’re not Being Smart with the Approach you take to Monetize Your Blog

There are countless ways to monetize a blog but you need to realize that displaying banners alone on your blog won’t do the trick. You have to be smart about how you monetize your blog.

In other words you need to study your readers to know what they are likely to respond to the most and then focus your efforts on giving that to them.


I’ve also suffered from some of the common problems most bloggers face with making money online today and it can be really frustrating to build a blog only to find it difficult to make money from your efforts.

Make sure you work on improving yourself based on the tips in this article and you will be able to make a lot more money blogging.


About the Author:

John Smith is a professional blogger who has mastered some of the best ways to make money online. He also specializes in finding the best discount and coupon code for products like Nutrisystem (see here) and Medifast (see here). Nutrisystem is an easy to follow weight loss plan backed by the Glycemic Index science. Medifast is a low calorie, doctors recommended diet plan for people who need to lose over 20 pounds.

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  1. FredMullan - Reply

    Nicely said John. As a beginner i too struggle to make money with my blog. I hope i could soon increase the traffic.


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