There are lot of advantages in doing an online based business. The risk and reward varies from business-to-business and from person-to-person. It all depends on, what you are doing and how you are doing.

I have spoken about best online businesses for an individual, many times in this blog.  As an individual, like me going for a full-time job, it is required to be part of a business that should not much affect my day-to-day activities.

At the same time, it should have the potential to grow and change my lifestyle.

The time horizon for this change shall vary by numerous factors.

However, when you have the right vision and steps according to that vision – definitely, the big change will happen in your life.

So you want to know which is the best online business for you?

all the best for your online business

Always I draw a vision in my mind and I work for it.

It’s doable.

It’s achievable.

When it comes, to “blogging as a business” it has lot of advantages like: flexibility on time and money – that means you can spend both of these to your comfort.

Apart from time and money, you can have control over it to most extent and operate it according to your vision (or a growth strategy).

Let get into more details…

Blogging from AnyWhere @ AnyTime.

When you do blogging, you will realize this. You get the freedom to work at any time you love and also, you can work from anywhere in this world.

There are lot of famous bloggers who are travelling across the world – at the same time, earning big income.anywhere in the world

For me, I always feel the flexibility in Time.

Since I go for a day job, I find blogging as one of the best online business for me.

  • I can work at my own convenience.
  • I can work at any time in a day.
  • I can also take break for a day.

It’s totally flexible.

That’s one of the major reason that I came back to blogging even after 2+ years of break.

When I started blogging during 2008, I didn’t realize this during the early days however, when by-time I realized it. I came back today and resumed blogging.

You Can Turn Your Personal Blog Into an Online Business.

For many of you, blogging might be personal. You may be writing about something that you love in your life.

That’s the greatest freedom.

However, over-a-period of time you get the power to turn your personal blog into a business.

This doesn’t requires a magic or day-n-night of sleepless working. Instead, you can work smart on it. By simply finding the business potential in your blog topic, you can turn your personal blog into a business in no time.

Just a change in vision and your action towards that vision may resolve it for you.your own personal business

Create Products or Services Online.

For me blogging, is not just producing content.

It is not just the content which drives blogging.

I have products for bloggers like WordPress plugins: AffiLinker, WP Spam Comments. I give out free and I sell it too. When I started blogging in 2008, I never knew that I could build products around it. Later, things changed as my vision about blogging changed with more maturity.

Depending on your blog’s topic, you can create products around your blog.

Products can be anything like: software, ebooks, paid content/courses etc.

I am a software developer, hence I find plugin development as easier, I love-to-code.

I also develop Android Apps.

Similarly, you have to explore your own interest and go by it because you need to be consistent with it.

Without interest, I am sure, you will quit in the middle.

I am also planning to launch my new course on blog traffic generation.

Let’s see, how things will go in future.

Have Your Own Goals In Life.

Blogging is your own journey.

You may blog for any reason.

However, when you have setup goals, it becomes even more joyful.

I have goals to promote my own products to achieve financial freedom in life.

Setting up goals in blogging life depends on person-to-person, you can setup based on your needs or based on your own capability.

At the same time, think big – have vision of it – work for it.setup goals in life

There are lot of ways to make money from Internet however, each and every method has its own advantages or disadvantages.

I find blogging as a passion and I can go in that – as a journey.

I love to do programming and hence I build software products/apps.

Not only a passion, I can also achieve financial success to great extent provided my visions and the corresponding actions “go in sync”.

Let me hope for the best.

There’s No One To Ask or Stop.

  • Yes, no one can come & hold your hands.
  • No one can stop you from blogging.
  • You can blog as much as you want.

It’s your own choice.

You have the freedom-to-write, freedom-to-grow.

When I started with blogger platform, I lost all my hard work on my first blog. The I realized the power of open source platforms like WordPress. Now I own this blog completely, there’s no moderator to stop me from writing here.

Use WordPress, go on blogging non-stop.

Take a look at the below infographic (reference), which compares 5 different online businesses and it has blogging online business compared


I spoke lot about online businesses in this blog since the launch date. When I tried all different methods, I finally settled with blogging. I find blogging as a best online business. These are the reasons I could immediately think or feel about blogging.

I know, this is a slow process for an individual like me to operate, speed it up and always the benefits are great.

If you are new to blogging using platform, better create a blog using WordPress as a first step.

Learn the reasons to create your first blog using WordPress.

  • Be focused on your topic and continue to blog.
  • Build products around your blog, turn it into a business.

Soon you will also personally feel that blogging is the best online business.

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