The greatest advantage of online business is that easy-to-start with less investment that means, anyone with little technical knowledge can start it. However, it all depends on exactly what kind of online business you do. Blogging is one such simple to start online business with less risk that you can begin with less than $100 investment or even lesser.

Blogger ? heading under online business risks.....

Blogger ? heading under business risks…..

Few years back, it was like you can quickly build a high traffic blog and start making money in few weeks. Many people started doing this as a part-time job or even as full-time job and started making decent income from their blogs. I also started in that way to setup a side income in my life. It is true that technology changes every time and that evolution could impact anything built over that technology. When it comes to blogging, search engines are the major source of traffic apart from direct visitors and social media visitors.

For a blog to grow faster, search engine traffic is important especially from Google that holds high market share as of today. Without Google, even established blogs can go down in a day or two. The best example being the Google’s recent algorithm changes like Panda, Penguin.

The effects of these search algorithm changes had introduced lot of dynamic changes in the blogosphere in recent times and that comfort of quickly building a high traffic blog is no longer available to every one. Hence at most cases, if you are starting a blog with the intent to make decent income, you may not grow really as expected.ย  I could not think of a blog growth strategy without search traffic and in most cases that will be worst hit- depends on the topic.

Hence today, I want to see those major reasons/factors that tells that blogging is a high risk online business (in terms of time/work as an investment).

SEO Is “Do or Die”.

As mentioned earlier, the traffic strategy had changed a lot and bloggers has to diversify their traffic sources. However, search engine traffic plays a major role in bringing targeted visitors that converts and makes you money.

You have to implement SEO techniques in order to build a high traffic blog.

Such techniques are unpredictable today or what you employ today may not work tomorrow.

You have to constantly run behind the SEO trends and tweak your blog according.

  • The major drawback is that you don’t have much control over SEO or search traffic.
  • No SEO means, no or less search traffic and that directly affects your blogging business.

Hence i see SEO as a high risk factor.

There are many examples that shows SEO had affected business and made companies to ran away from their business.

You can see this list of web sites hardly affected because of Google’s Panda update here and another Penguin update. You can check the update calender. Even the well trusted, (WordPress multi-user official site) got a hit and recovered back. If you are a newbie blogger you may not realize this soon but going forward, you will be working hard to win search engines. The next question comes like, without SEO is it possible to grow a blog ?

Blogging without SEO, is that Possible ?

There are lot of alternative ways to drive traffic to a blog apart from search engines and very recently, many are started advising on this topic.

Social media tools like Fb, Twitter, g+ are playing a major role in driving traffic next to search engines. All you have to put yourself into that social presence and build a network around your blog.

Apart from social tools, you can make others to link your blog from other blogs/sites or you can spread your links naturally/manually through guest blogging or similar methods.

However, these non-SEO methods are hardly a slow process that takes time to see results.

You have to manage multiple social media tools every day and you have to dedicate a lot of time to interact with your network around your blog. More important, people should believe and trust in your words.

  • Unless, you have a team to work for your blog you could not easily do that single handed. Definitely, you have to spend a lot of time for your blog growth.

People like me are already working in a day job and it is really tough to spend time on all these diversified sources.

  • Alternatively, you can do stuffs that goes viral however, it may bring in some spike in traffic and that slowly melts down the next day.

That’s why i see like the alternative methods are time consuming and if you are handling a blog (as a business) single handed, you are gonna kill your time.

Hence the non-SEO strategies are also time killers.

However, emails lists are always unbeatable ๐Ÿ™‚

It took almost 2 years for me hit first 1000 visitors to this blog. Later I took a break for almost 2-3 years and back to blogging around June, 2015. In this break, the blog traffic reduced to great extent and I am working to bring it

The Solution…

All above, the solution is: you have to build value to your visitors like: addressing the visitor problems, giving away valuable stuffs/products, offering valuable services etc. You could not build such value in a day or two, you have to plan and constantly work for it.

Now the question comes like, how to manage this situation and how to bring up your business without SEO dependency ? what kind of strategy to employ for blogging success and that too in short duration ?

The simple answer to all these dilemma’s: don’t just do blogging – build a product and blog around the product – open up a service and blog around around your service.

This way, you are not solely dependent on your blog especially for traffic and income. Your product or service can take you up in the market, it can build a reputation for your business among the visitors and finally, turns the visitors into customers for the long term.

Yes, all these happens without the help of uncertain ugly SEO strategies….

Stay tuned for more informs…good luck !

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  1. Monika - Reply

    You have hit it on the head and said it beautifully about building a business around your blog. Fantastic insights. Do you do any consulting work.

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      Thanks for your comment, even i have to bring in strategic changes to this blog along with a product (that i own already). I currently don’t have any consulting service, will do in near future as many people are asking like you…see you back.

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