Guest posting is an extremely popular and effective way to promote your online brand and drives quality traffic to your website. However like any form of marketing there are good ways to do it and bad ways to do it.

– Doing it well will produce an increase in visitors to your site, engender greater social media engagement, as well as generating more backlinks which can help with search engine placement. More important, you can gain brand value.

– Doing it badly however will result in none of the above, meaning you are in effective wasting your time.

Here we have compiled 7 no-no’s which should be avoided when you are embarking on a guest posting campaign. Understanding the No’s will definitely help you to take a positive strategy right from approaching the guest blogs (for guest posting) to getting your blog post popular (among the guest blogs audience).don'ts :)

#1 – Don’t Use Templated Outreach

Outreach is the method by which you approach prospective webmasters about the possibility of them accepting a guest post from you. Because you may end up sending a high volume of outreach emails it can be tempting to template your requests for speed and efficiency. However although it makes things quicker and easier for you it does not help in getting positive responses.

If you put yourself in the position of the person receiving the email, how would you like to receive an impersonal, templated email asking for a guest post?

Below is an example of what NOT to say…

Dear owner of,

“I would like to request to guest post on your site as the site I am promoting closely matches your existing content. All I require is one backlink with my chosen keyword from within the body section of the article.”

Let me know if you would like to proceed.


Joe Bloggs

Instead of taking this approach, make the email personable to the owner of the site and be as informal as possible.

#2 – Don’t Make Demands

Another thing to avoid is making demands to the blog owner, for example, asking for do-follow and keyword rich links within the body section. Not all sites that accept guest blogs want links in the main section and may only allow links in the bio section that are brand related as opposed to keyword rich.

Some may even stipulate that any outbound links must be no-follow but whatever their guidelines, you should abide by them.

#3 – Don’t Forget to Point out Your Own Past Work

A webmaster or blog owner can only verify the quality of your writing if they either read your own blog or you offer them previous examples of your own work.

Make it easy for them by emailing them past guest posts you have written which will help reassure them that you can offer a quality and informative article.

You can also link older blog posts of the guest blog itself, this actually shows that you are attentive and following that blog closely. It also satisfies the guest blog owner towards positive relation that helps for the long term.

#4 – Don’t Forget to Give a Reason Why They Should Accept Your Post

If you are asking to post on someone else’s blog then you need to give them a reason why they should accept your post.

How will it enhance their blog? How will it be of interest to their readers? How it adds value to their readers?

As mentioned earlier, you may want to reference past blogs post and explain why your post idea would be a good match. One idea which will help your acceptance rate is to find an existing post and offer to write a critique or opposite viewpoint to what has already been published.

However, keep the real purpose of your guest blogging campaign in mind so that you should not also loose your marketing focus.

#5 – Don’t be too Formal

Formalities are rarely suitable when it comes to getting acceptance for a guest post. You should be trying to build up a relationship with a blogger so approach them in a friendly and informal manner.

Avoid formal salutations such as ‘Dear Sir’ or ‘Dear Madam’ and phrases such as “Yours sincerely”.

Equally don’t be too casual calling people ‘mate’ or using overtly colloquial language.

#6 – Don’t be Indiscriminate in Which Blogs You Approach

There are thousands of blogs which accept guest posts but that does not mean you should not be choosy about which ones you approach. You should look for sites that are a good match to your own site and more contextually related to your business.

Quality is much more important than quantity so check the site itself, have a look at the previous posts, are they of a high standard?

A blog post on a low quality site will not pass any benefits to your own site so is pretty much a waste of your time.

#7 – Don’t be Patronizing

Bloggers, especially successful bloggers are well versed in the benefits of high quality content so there is no need whatsoever to spell this out when you approach them.

Avoid stating the obvious of how content can help them to attract more visitors or improve their search engine ranking – they will know all this already.

As of today, guest posting is one of the best (free) marketing strategy for any online business and it helps to bring in more new customers quickly to your own business. It builds brand value and can turn today’s visitors into customers of tomorrow !

What’s your guest posting strategy ?

How do you approach guest blogs ?



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  1. Great tips…I think I get 7 emails from Joe Bloggs everyday….and everytime I think when your email is broken english my confidence that the guest post will be is not good.

    I cant imagine those emails work very well!


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