The main goal behind running any kind of website is to get as much traffic as possible. An increase in traffic to our sites or blogs means an increase in potential revenue. Our online popularity grows and advertisers become more interested in investing in the web space.

The only problem is, when the most immediate goal is to get as much traffic, as quickly as we can, there are many very important things that some webmasters let fall by the wayside.

This includes publishing content that is only good for today and will be almost irrelevant tomorrow. Not only does this kind of mindset make for a lower-quality website, it is also a surefire way to lose site traffic in the long run.

That’s where evergreen content comes in.

The type of content that has been called evergreen is the sort of material that is not just popular today; it remains popular and helpful for years to come. Because of this, it has the potential to bring in traffic, and even build on its own traffic, well into the future.

In the business of running a web property, it is these types of investments in the future of the site that make the difference between something that will last and a site that will make fast money, then disappear.tree-338211_640

But what makes the difference between regular content and something that will stay evergreen?

First, it is informative content beyond the present.

  • If you want readers to come back to your content in the future, then it needs to be relevant to them in the future.
  • Sure, there are definitely some things that simply need to be specific to a particular time or date.
  • If you’re quickly covering some recent news or want to share some photos of a magazine story, those types of short posts are not something that you should worry about making evergreen.
  • However, if you have a longer post or something that you want to make specifically evergreen, make sure to cut out, or least move the focus away from the specifics.

For example, if you want to write about study tips, you will make the content more evergreen by making sure the tips apply to students throughout the year and into the

Second, it is high-quality content.

If you write a sloppy post, with very few words, and little to no research, then you can’t really expect it to be informative for readers three years from now. On the other hand, content that is wide-ranging, well-researched and interesting has much more potential to stay relevant to readers.

  • Make the type of content that web users will be searching for in the future.
  • Think about content that can be used as a reference for years to come or a base to propel other people’s research or knowledge.
  • To make great evergreen content, you have to ask yourself whether you would want to look this up or read this five years from now.
  • Things like databases, well-researched lists and thoroughly-written opinion pieces are good examples.

Third, it is not boring content.

It’s true that a large part of instant traffic comes from anything that has a shock factor. Photos of half-naked women, celebrities making drunken mistakes, funny sports flubs, and all other such content has made many websites and blog networks

When you’re thinking about evergreen content, these same rules still apply. No matter how excellently-researched your content is or how well it is written, if you have nothing to hook people, the chances of making the big bucks with it are low.

That’s why some of the best evergreen content combines both high-quality information and click-worthy content and titles.

Think about this as you form some of your most important posts. Sometimes, taking a basic topic and giving it a catchier angle is all you need to spice up some of that high-quality content to make it evergreen.


To conclude, evergreen content becomes the base for improving your website traffic as well as your business for the long term. However, I would personally suggest you that, you must employ a mixed content generation strategy.

That means publish both evergreen content as well as seasonal content so that your website can attract quick traffic as well as long term traffic.

No matter, what kind of content you generate; it must be first useful to the reader in some way.

  • Whenever you publish content, just ask this question: do this content useful to the reader? If you say “Yes” then immediately publish it, otherwise you have to revise it.

Useful, interesting, evergreen content are always appreciated by people and it goes viral. This way, you can drive more traffic, increase revenue and as a whole your business grows.

A nice video talk on Evergreen Content, worth-to-watch.

Now it’s your turn, what kind of content you publish in your website? How do evergreen content works for your business?

Nadia Jones is an education blogger for an online education website and a freelance writer on all things academia, technology and web news. Nadia uses the written word to share her knowledge on accredited online college education and the latest news in the educational world. She can be reached at nadia.jones5



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