Indexing a website or a blog by a search engine like Google can take weeks, if you don’t know the simple trick on how to get indexed as fast as possible ? It is very important that these search engines know that your website exists, otherwise you won’t get any traffic at all.

No traffic means no income, simple as that.

    Traditionally, webmasters and bloggers submit their sites to Yahoo, Google and MSN through their submission pages and wait to get their site indexed. Google alone clearly indicates that it takes 4 to 6 weeks before your site can be added to their search database. Weeks can be a a very valuable time for your Internet businesses.



    This article will help you to skip this unnecessary step in Internet marketing and go directly index into the search engines. Actually, there is no secret at all and it’s a very simple to accomplish.

    • First, forget about the submission forms of these search engines and don’t bother to submit your sites through this process.
    • All you have to do is to search for the best authoritative sites in your chosen niche and try to get a back link from this websites.
    • What is an authoritative site ? you might ask. Authoritative websites are those who ranks high in the search engine result pages in a given keyword or key phrases. Usually, these websites have high page rank, mostly a vote of 4 and up.
    • For those who are not familiar with Google PageRank, PR is the way Google defines a certain web page. Its like a ranking system for websites which Google implemented a few years back. The higher a web page PR has, the more it becomes dominant or “authoritative” site.
    • The only thing to get your website or blog indexed by these search engines is to have a “quality back link” from these authoritative sites.
    • One link from a PR6 website can get your site to Google in less than 24 hours (believe me !). Now that’s the fastest way to get your site indexed by the search engines without the hassle of using submission forms.

    The only road block that you will encounter is how to acquire a link from these authoritative sites ?

    Luring these sites into a link exchange could be challenging. While other webmasters have their own technique, when it comes to link building, still the best way to get quality back links from these sites is through a “well written email request”.

    • Compose a link request letter to your proposed link partner and make sure that you won’t harass the webmaster about your intention. For sure you will have more declined attempts that is why you should send as many letters to as many webmasters as possible.

    This way you can have a higher probability of getting a quality back link. That’s it.

    Now you know the trick on, how real webmasters index their websites for search engines. This is a valuable information, if you are planning to build your own online business. Whether its a blog or a website, search engines like Google and Yahoo are the best marketing strategy to be successful in any Internet endeavors.

    This is a guest post by Noah Mark Rodolfo who is an Internet marketer and devotes most of his time sharing free quality information regarding the big industry of online business. Read more of this types of useful articles on his website at Best Online Business.

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      One simple but very effective way of getting indexed on

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