Writing for my blog is one of the interesting activity for me almost every day. When I started this blog, I was not even a good reader. Today, I read a lot, as well as I, write a lot. I learned only from my own experience. Even today, my English language is bad, however, I won’t stop writing.

Writing had become a habit for me.

That’s really a good thing at least I am following it strictly in the past few years.

If you feel you are not a good blog writer then first thing, don’t worry about it. Just move on and start writing a lot. Your language will improve. Your writing skills will improve. It happens naturally.

All you need a little patience and practice consistent writing. Nothing else.Image on Writing Skills

In this article, I will take you through few of the important tips which can help you to improve your writing skills, especially for a blog.

  1. Write a lot for your blog. Keep on writing regularly from your mind, it will naturally make you a good writer.
  2. Humans are prone to mistakes. Use tools like Grammarly to identify what kind of mistakes your are making while writing. Try the Grammarly Chrome extension for free.
  3. Learn from your own mistakes. Every time you correct a mistake in your blog post try to find out why it is a mistake? and what’s the correct way to write it?
  4. Use a different type of words and make your writing unique. This is a slow process and all you have to explore new words every day in order to become a word master. You can install an Android App like Vocabulary Daily for free.
  5. Don’t fear to write. Don’t think what others will think about your writing. Flood your blog with words.
  6. Read a lot, sometimes this is the best way to improve your writing. You can understand how other professional writers are writing? Simply try to realize and follow their style.
  7. Have your own style of writing. If you can’t, keep on writing, naturally you will hang yourself with a writing style.
  8. Make your writing skills to work for you. Join few websites where you can earn money by writing articles. This may keep you motivated at least during the early stage of your writing career.
  9. Frame yourself, the do’s and dont’s of writing. You can have your own writing rule and try to follow it strictly. You will become a personalized writer.
  10. Avoid reading a lot, sometimes you should stop reading more and avoid going into a confused state. If you get confused, stop writing immediately.
  11. Be clear and focused. Understand, why you are writing? and what you want to achieve from your writing? Writing for nothing is useless most of the time. In other words, always write towards your blogging goal.
  12. Have realistic writing goals and make sure you are always going towards that goal. For example, “I will write at least 5 pages a week” is an achievable goal instead of “I will write 500 pages a week”.
  13. Plan your writing. Make a plan for at least a week. If possible plan for a month. Try the editorial calendar plugin for free.
  14. Plan the blog post title as well as the sub-headings so that you can take the reader towards your goal. Instead of stuffing with keywords.
  15. Learn to find targeted keywords for your blog and always make sure you are writing around those primary targeted keywords.
  16. Write meta description for every blog post you write (good at the end). This helps you to quickly summarize, what your blog post is all about?
  17. Enjoy writing. If you don’t enjoy it while writing, immediately stop writing and take a break until you can enjoy it.

These are few of the simple ways that I follow while writing for my blog. This keeps me going as a professional writer and writing had become a habit for me.

Good Luck.


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