Sitemap is a file which tells search engines, what pages to index ? Recently, Google added support for video (more content type like images too) sitemaps which tells the location of videos (along with few more information). This actually helps webmasters, bloggers to add their own videos to Google’s index database quickly.

The advantage, your video will appear on the Search results of Google. A video sitemap contains the following information:

  • Title for Video
  • Description of video and its content
  • URL where the user watches the original video
  • A thumbnail (small image) of the video which will be shown in the results page.

So whenever you add new videos to your site, it will be taken by Google referred through the video sitemaps as quick as possible.

  • Whenever a user, clicks on thumbnail shown in the Googles result page, it actually takes them to the specified URL and plays the original video.

The below video was released recently by Google on their webmaster blog (see the original post on video sitemaps).

A help page on Creating Video Sitemap is also available.


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