Blogs are the ultimate source of online income. There are many successful bloggers in the Internet and they are making a life out of blogging too. At the same time, many people are struggling with blogs to make money.

The funniest part is that many beginners are looking to make money with their very 1st post ! They will start a blog, write 1 or 2 posts then they will try to monetize it. The end results will be NIL. They will ask, how to make money ? And they will tell blogging is junk !

Even i too started my blogging career in that fashion. This is the basic understanding of the beginners about blogging as an online business. Not every online businesses are same. The kind of strategy and the work nature differs. For affiliate marketing, its totally different. Without even owning a website you could select a product from clickbank or cj & sell it using PPC Ads like Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing. It requires the investment of money for running Advertisements and the work that you need is, making a great Ad campaign. Simply, put the targeted keywords, traffic rolls in and you could sell products. Sit back & receive your earned money.

When compared to blogging, the work strategy is totally different. Considering blogging as a business source, you have to take a different strategy which involves investment of Time, Knowledge and right amount of hard work !

I am saying, blogging is not easy.

It requires many “cistrons” to react and energize it as a business. Not all bloggers are making millions over night. Take any successful blogs and see their archives/history, you will know the real work done by them. Every successful blog has a great history and for sure without the investment of Time, Knowledge & Hard work, its not possible to reach that level of success.

But there are few exceptions that in a short period of time, your blog may reach the utmost level of success in terms of traffic & income too. For example, blog posts based on Google Trends. Google Trends are live charts which shows, Whats Hot in Internet Now ? This could be a political news, sports news or a celebrity news etc. Just watching the Google trends and publishing a short blog post will suddenly give a hike in traffic from Google. Because of the freshness of content and the demand for the content, your blog post rocks in driving traffic. You may get several 1000 visitors in a day, the reason is Demand !

I am saying, blog content should be demanding.

It actually varies based on the content or information. For example, the same Google trend method, may not send you traffic the next week or next month after you publish. Because, its a news. Its hot for a while and lost after wards.

On the another side, there are something called “Time Less Content“. Which are either fresh or not, but it lives for years. For example, this blog post is speaking the truth about blogging and it could be valid even after years 2020 or 2050 ! Another example, if you write about “life truths”, the information lives till the mankind lives. That’s called Time less content.

These kind of content, sends you traffic for years. There are wider gap between hot news content & timeless content. At the end, you should have both kind of content. Because, they both gives you the opportunity to drive traffic, why don’t you utilize that opportunity ?

I am saying, publish hot + time less content.

When I started blogging, i don’t know these kind of content strategies. But later, i realized the important of content and its varieties. Some times, my blog posts may go beyond the limits but always i want to convey the right information to the readers. Now readers, keeping readers in mind while producing blog content, is the best strategy of blog growth. Because, the overall aim of your blog as a business is making money but how to achieve that ? You need traffic, real traffic that needs your content. The traffic needs your information. Finally, your readers are going to decide the success of your blog. Its not like you will be simply sitting and producing content for the search engines.

Search Engines are stupid softwares“. A piece of software which is ruling the Internet and its information. The entire web is addicted to search engines. When the real world scenario is like that, we should not stick to robots/softwares. I am not against search engines. I know, search engines are the major source of traffic for your web sites. Even my blog gets 79% of traffic from search engines especially from Google, Yahoo. But when you produce content, keep your reader in mind. I have identified 2 reasons why Search Engines are Stupid ? just go through that for fun.

Actually, if you started writing for readers, you are achieving two things. First, the blog readers will get what they need ? second, your content spreads & search engine loves your blog. Its a natural process. To mention, you should not avoid search engines too. You should optimize your site for search engines.

Search engines are softwares & it has less intelligent, that’s why humans are optimizing the pages for search engines. It doesn’t have sixth sense ๐Ÿ™‚ Producing useful content & promoting your site using positive (harmless) ways definitely gives your great search engine traffic.

When I started this blog, it was far away from many of the focused keywords. One example for success is that, this blog stands No. 1 for the keyword “Money Making Online” in Yahoo. And its slowly, occupying the SERP on Google too for many related keywords. The growth strategy is, i never stopped producing content. I want to produce great content always.

There comes the blogging flexibility. There are no rules and regulations for blogging. Its totally flexible to me and you. When i don’t find time, i will produce minimal content. I will convey the information short & sweet. At the other side, if have enough time to blog, i will produce huge content which are compelling and adds more value to the reader. I don’t know any other business that is not much flexible compared to blogging.

People may blog for may reasons, I blog about what I know, what I infer , what I realize and What I experience. But ultimately, its a business for me. I write for people, i write for traffic and finally, i want to make money from my blog. So when you read this complete post, one thing that’s striking is Traffic, Traffic & Traffic. That’s the utmost requirement for making money from your blog. If you don’t have traffic, you have to work for traffic. if you want more traffic, you have to work. If you don’t make money, you have to work for traffic. Finally, we need traffic to our site. That should be the utmost goal and aim of every blogger.

Instead of thinking money, think about traffic. In order to get traffic, think your reader. So the order of thinking goes like Content -> Reader -> Traffic -> Income. Its the “Tetrad of Blogging”.

So take the blogging flexibility and start working for Content first. You will finally, reach to making great income. I don’t want to drag this post any more, one more thing to mention is consistency in blogging. Blogging is lengthy and long term process which needs Consistency in work & to produce great information. For any task that needs consistency, it requires patience to achieve. Its a general logic. As blogging needs consistency, you need to be patience. But finally, you will be paid for that work done. Its not gonna waste, you will get all the results. When your site gets that level of visibility in Internet, you will see great results. Traffic floods from every source/corner of Internet and your blog rocks in Income ! Always keep in mind, content makes traffic & traffic makes money.

Good Luck !


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