Social media are relevant to the growth of your blog traffic. They are regularly used to connect, share contents and interact with loved ones and family. They are indeed innovative, a modern way to improve blog traffic and to grow your business online.

If you are a fledgling online blogger and do not have an idea of the significance of social media for increasing blog traffic, here are the ways to use them to their advantage.

Importance of Social Media For Blogs.

In the past, social media sites are purely for experiencing social interaction using the modern advances of technology. With the endless innovation, approaches and techniques, these sites have kicked it up a notch for business especially Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

For instance, a potential user wants to search for a particular topic and search engines such as Google provides a plethora of results. Most of these results are really what those users are looking for. They get plenty of information dumped on the result page and people started using it to great extent. This leads to the fact or even the truth that search engines became the major source of blog traffic.

Bloggers started running behind search engines and they want to rank their pages on the top of Google by doing anything. From the other side, Google started tweaking their algorithms for better results and to span out spammers. The end result many of the bloggers quit blogging as it became tough to rank high on Google especially after Google Panda and Penguin updates. Those blogs or websites dependent mainly on Google were hit.

Hence there needs a diversified traffic strategy and social media became the most important alternate source of blog traffic.

At the same time, when compared to search results even Social media sites can narrow down the search results and provide more targeted results as they are built by real users. Say, for those looking for a bit of information about health niche, social media can take them to specific sites suggested by millions of users.

Now the game change is, social media signals are vital for search engine ranking and hence your blogs get the chances of increasing visibility on search engines when you improvise your social media strategy.

The power of Twitter, Facebook, Google+ in generating thousands of audiences cannot be underestimated. They are one of the ways for you to increase blog traffic because one follower will most likely lead to another and another, until site owners get a decent number of visitors that will eventually increase traffic.

The viral nature of traffic is tremendous.

Ideally, interesting blog content is required to keep visitors engaged in reading the entire content. They need to have something to look forward to so they will keep on visiting the site and they also share with their friends or followers.

Fan pages, teaser pictures and hash tags are now the creative ways to attract visitors and followers.

I suggest that a mixed strategy is required to bring in traffic through social media by integrating the traditional methods like email marketing, keyword optimization for users, blog networking etc. along with social media.

First of All, Increase Your Social Followers.

Once your social pages (facebook fan page, twitter pages) are ready, the very first thing is to increase your followers or fans. With Facebook, you need to get more number of Likes from people who are interested in your market. Similarly, with Twitter you need to have followers who are all interested in your profile.

Having good number of followers around your pages are important that you can make them to engage with what you post. Say for example, if you share a blog post on Facebook, you must have people to Like that blog post – otherwise, there is no meaning to have a social presence.

Few of the quick techniques to increase your social followers:

  • Show Popups And Convert Visitors To Followers – Lightbox Popups are always being an innovative tool. The idea is to show a popup and ask your existing blog visitors to Like your pages and to follow you on Twitter, Google+. By asking every visitor, you can easily convert your existing blog visitors to become social followers.
  • Reach Email Subscribers And Convert Them To Followers – You might be already offering email subscriptions through your blogs. You know Email subscriptions are also an effective way to make your message known to potential followers. The idea is to ask your email subscribers to follow on Twitter, Facebook, Google+. Aweber is the best choice for me.

These 2 techniques can simply make wonders in giving a quick bump in your social followers count.

Effect of Keyword & Title Optimization.

The easiest way to get exact results is by using keywords. For blogs to have higher visibility, making use of keywords is effective. It is important to be familiar with the terms that most people are searching for. This can be done using Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

At the same time, make the title attractive and it should pull the reader to read further.

  • Readers are looking for an engaging and interesting material.
  • When blog sites have catchy headline, it can grab anyone’s attention and the first they would do is to check the site.
  • Based on studies and researches, it is very likely for people to scan through the headlines first before checking the entire article. They will not give the site a second look even if the content is good when the headline is dull and boring.

This is why for site owners to give their blogs a big boost, it is important to create an attractive headline. When you publish a blog post on Facebook fan page, the title is the most visible thing and hence it should be attractive so that people will like to check your post. Similarly, the tweet text should have relevant keywords in it and attractively written so that people reacts to re-tweet your posts on Twitter. is another tool that I use to find crisp keyword suggestions.

Socially Connect With Fellow Bloggers & Experts.

Just like anybody else, other bloggers are also looking for ways to promote their site.

When bloggers collaborate, great ideas can be formulated.

It is usually done by sharing each other’s blog site. Give links to fellow bloggers to increase exposure. Readers will have something to look forward to and it is also a fun way to promote sites.

Another avenue for getting network and increasing blog traffic is through guest blogging. It can be compared to being invited to a party. A stranger may not know everyone at the party but once he gets to talk to someone who has the same interests as he does, he will eventually extend his social circle. It is a gradual but effective way of increasing blog traffic for the long term.

Find a blog where guest writing is allowed. The site can get a massive traffic once this is regularly done. When interesting blogs posts are written, readers will also check out your blogs in return they start following you on social media sites. As a result, your content goes viral and leads to increased blog traffic.

Check out blasho’s guest post guidelines.

Always Links To Noteworthy Posts

Old posts can still be put to better use because they can still make the site improve its rankings on search engines and also, builds trust through social proofs.

What to do ?

Simply add links to older posts using targeted keywords from relevant new posts. Once interlinked, your readers find the new posts useful and also, it adds SEO value to the old post as well as the new post. However, it is important to keep links relevant as well. When you link with irrelevant links, readers may think twice before clicking the link. Keep in mind that even older posts that we used to put a lot of effort in writing can still be useful in back-linking as a reference.

Most sites feature links to their popular posts and these can usually be found on the sidebar. These interesting and popular posts can be a starting point for making the site known.

It is important to find an interesting content for the site. For the one who are new to your site, it can help to make an research of the popular topic that can poke the reader’s interest. Providing links to interesting posts can invite more page views and more chances that they will share those articles on social media web sites.

In short, link to relevant old posts wherever required.

Make Blog Lively & Updated Often.

Blogs are supposed to have a personality and this can be done by coming up with a vast range of topics that can keep readers interested. When blogs have no personal flair, it will not have a strong appeal to the readers. Keep blog niche in mind to have an idea how the post should look like. Users of social media sites will value unique content and even share it with their followers.

When posts are becoming increasingly popular to readers, it is expected for these posts to be updated and well taken care of because they are responsible for increasing your site’s visibility. Information needs to be accurate and if there are any updates or changes make sure that blog posts are updated with new information as well. This helps you to avoid disappointed readers and generate impressive traffic to the site as well.

You readers love to see fresh information and they like to share with their followers.

More often interesting blog posts will also bring in more search engine traffic than usual as i experimented long back here. Since you have already setup your blog to ask every visitor to follow, the effort you put into your content/posts will pay back with more social media followers.


Increase social followers – engage with your followers – increase blog traffic.

This won’t happen in a day or two, it takes time and you have to keep on push it. However, you can start with simple social media promotions and see, how it affects your blog traffic. Then you can repeat the steps again and again to get the same effect repeatably.

If you are not able to find more time, you can also appoint a social media manager who’s only job is to promote your pages on social web sites. This way, you can focus more on your business rather than always rafting on Facebook or Twitter because they are also time killers, dis-tractors for those who poorly manage their time.

It is important for bloggers to realize the significance of having a diversified blog traffic strategy. Don’t simply build your blog relying on search engines, take social media into the heart of your blog today.

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