Have you ever thought of being unique with your Website and its uniqueness ? If you have not thought this before then I would say, your are missing something out of your hand. Yes, being unique in your website/business is important and you should understand that importance first. Then learn to be unique with your site & be unique. Is that confusing ? don’t worry here we are going to realize the importance of being unique with your website & your business?

Okay, first What is Uniqueness ?

We could define simply like, it is the property or quality of being “singular” ! or being “one kind”.

Importance of Being Unique.

There are many factors that tells the importance of being unique, as a de facto there are few factors that improves or gets affect you & your business/website on being unique. Lets go through those de facto’s.

Shows Your Website As Business.

First of all, being unique in your website shows that you are running a business. How ? Because, it shows that you are more serious about your site and makes every one to fell that you are running a business. Everything should be for business perspective unless you are running a site for non-business reasons. So you don’t need to tell any one that you are running a business, your uniqueness speaks and conveys the message to every visitor of your site.

In other words, it gives your business a life to speak with your visitors ! Do you agree ?

Makes Your Website Professional.

So it says you are running a business and now it tells that you are professional. How ? You are singleton (distinguished, set apart etc). Do that makes professional ? Yes, visitors may visit multiple sites (or businesses) and when they felt you are unique and distinguished from others, it depicts you are professional. One of the key ingredient of being professional is uniqueness, there are many more factors too that makes you professional, I agree.

Stands Out From Competition.

The well know effect of being unique, it beats all the competition and makes you to stand out from the crowd. Any kind of business will face competition and the most powerful technique to beat competition is being unique.

How ? Uniqueness remains in mind & recalls the mind. This makes visitors to reach your business/website again and again. Sometime, it makes them to addict to your site. So uniqueness plays a major role in deciding how far you are coming out of your business competition crowd. But the foremost thing, you have to understand your competition first so that you will be unique in a better fashion.

Ultimately Gaining Popularity.

Uniqueness decides your popularity. Someway it could be same like beating the competition but gaining popularity is different. Popularity tells that your website/business is accepted by most of the people, it tells that you admire others ! Popularity is one of the way to beat your business competition that could be achieved by being unique.Being popular may not happen immediately but you have to utilize the right time !(so watch out your steps for that TIME to come).

Builds Visitors Trust.

TRUST the term discussed in many places where selling/buying or a transaction happens. Building trust between your customers and your business is the ultimate logic of making a successful online business. TRUST gives everything from increased sale, increased customers, repeat customers etc to more profits. Being unique builds 25% of your visitors trust and the remaining depends on many other factors (out of scope of this article, will discuss further on this soon).

Best Marketing Approach.

Everyone has to agree that being unique is one of the best approach in marketing your website. Simply saying, it markets your business by itself ! and grows your business for the long term. Learn, how to market from scratch ?

Uniqueness Is SEO ?

Yes, being unique (in terms of unique content, unique product, unique features etc) gains popularity, professionalism, breaks competitions & finally it spreads your website through out the online community. Hence that automatically & indirectly increases search engines traffic and credibility. In short, it implements SEO by itself ! because you get “market” by itself !

It looks like uniqueness decides many thing with your business, yes it decides. Try to make your website/business unique as much as possible and that gains everything back for you. Learn here on how to build unique website ? the next part of this article.

To remind, adding a bit of QUALITY to your Uniqueness may double your business growth and that’s the formula of success ! Quality + Uniqueness = Business Growth.


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