Running a blog is not a tough job now-a-days with the free CMS tools like Blogger, WordPress etc. It has the advantages that you could simply turn your tiny blog into a massive branded one. Even when I started this blog, it looked like scrap but now i have really utilized the features of wordpress. And showing a personal brand on this blog. When it comes to blog revenue, there are numerous factors that you must consider. Its not so simple like you could start a blog today and the next day you will start making money.

As a beginner, you should undertake few tricks that makes you clear in the journey of maximizing your blog revenue. Every one blogs for many reasons, ultimately they want to make money out of their blog. Basically, you should setup your blog into a money making system.

Importance of Blog Traffic In Revenue.

Traffic and revenue are tied to each other. They are directly proportional too because the amount of traffic that your blog generates decides the revenue (at many cases). When scenario goes like that you should first work for traffic. More important, your blog should grow towards getting more search engine traffic which is more natural traffic. Its a widely spread truth that search engine visitors are more serious when compared to other source of visitors.

  • As a beginner you must learn Google SEO first and apply in your blog. If you are a wordpress user then have a look on these wordpress seo plugins.
  • Next comes the content, you must publish useful information in your blog. Your blog post should solve the visitor problem. It should give better solutions to the visitor. This way, your blog moves towards growth of traffic.
  • I have compiled a course on Long term methods to get more blog traffic which is a III part course, helps you to get blog traffic from variety of reliable sources.
Maximize Like This...

Maximize Like This…

Keep Revenue Aside.

When it comes to beginners, the most common mistake, they want to earn quickly. Do that possible with blogging ? The answer is NO. As i mentioned earlier, blogging needs more dedication and hard work. You have to be focused towards the blog growth. Keep money aside and work only towards the blog growth. Many people monetize their blog from the day one. I am against that strategy, i believe growth first and money second.

Even after 1.5 years, i have not fully monetized this blog. Because i am working slowly for the growth, moreover i work on my spare time only (part-time entrepreneur). What i am saying is concentrate on the blog growth interms of producing useful content, driving more traffic and finally, money rolls in automatically.

Diversifying Blog Revenue.

In general, beginners start with Google Adsense and they struggle to make money. It takes month-over-month to get your first cheque. Adsense doesn’t works well in the earlier stage of your blog. It needs more traffic so that many people has to click on the Ads. Even I don’t run Adsense in this blog. You should always diversify your revenue from various sources. Don’t stick to Adsense. Similar, don’t stick to clickbank or CJ.


Experiments are part of every business. If you don’t want to experiment, it means you are not ready to grow. Because when you do experiments, you will get more ideas and insights. It actually improves your blog.

For example, take 2 affiliate products and promote on your blog. See which product performs good, keep it and drop the poor performing product. Now select another product and continue the experiment. Over a period of time, you will be having the best selling products only. Thats the effect of experimentation.

It actually takes time but the results are huge for the long term.

Final Thoughts…

To conclude, every bloggers wants to maximize their revenue. For that you have to put right effort with right knowledge and to summarize:

  • Improve your blog for getting more traffic especially from search engines.
  • Keep growth first and money as second.
  • Try different Ad/Affiliate networks, instead of sticking to Adsense, CB or CJ.
  • Do experiments, do more experiments especially on conversions.

Following these tricks will definitely gives you the best results for the long term. I would recommend you that always think for the long term, work for the long term growth which increases your blog revenue automatically !



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    Can u tell me how much traffic means an ideal one??

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    Maybe you could spellcheck before you post on your blog?

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      Yes, i used to spell check before i publish…did you see any spelling mistakes in this article ? however, i am not a grammar expert as English is not my native language and i am very much interested to help people with useful information in this blog (that i learn and experience every day). Thanks.

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