The common question that every one asks, what kind of traffic really makes money on your web site? There are no secret formula’s to drive traffic or its totally out of your control to analyze the kind of traffic that earns. But to some extend, we could easily predict the behavior of the visitor. This could be done through “Content”. Yes, I would say, kind of content decides the kind of traffic ! And from there you could find out what kind of traffic makes money for you !

Okay, I will tell you those 3 practical kind of traffic/visitor & the kind of income they will generate for you. This helps you to tweak you Content Producing Strategy. As I mentioned before content decides you the traffic nature so its good to understand that nature of traffic first. You should produce content with those kind of visitors in mind. This is a “Reverse Engineering Traffic Formula“. Whatever you do, you need to understand how to Convert traffic into money ?

In general, a visitor may first surf  about a product then he will do research & finally he buys. Based on that I have classified the traffic as Surfer -> Researcher -> Buyer.

Traffic 1 2 3 4...Money :-)

Traffic 1 2 3 4...Money 🙂

Surfer Traffic.

Surfers are visitors who are just surfing for information. In fact, they don’t have a goal in their mind. But they will time pass looking for information. They have the habit of Link Jumping, that means moving from one web page to another web page.

How Surfer Traffic Makes Money ?

Its simple, the visitors are link jumper’s and they are well in clicking Ads. You could expect Ad revenue from surfer traffic. Placing the ads at the right places especially in the top and the spots near to page navigation’s will get more clicks.

Generally, the keywords that you use to drive surfer traffic are more generic too. For example, the keywords will have the words “Tips” (say, cooking tips), “why” etc. in the web page title.

Research Traffic.

Researchers are visitors who are deeply looking for information. They are not only link jumpers but more concerned about the Content & its value. Generally, visitors who are researching for something will read more & they will stay in your web page. If your articles are adding value to the reader then he will love your site.

The end result, he will look for more such information from your site. He may even subscribe to your blog/site and wants to stay with your site because of deep information. He is also a link jumper.

How Research Traffic Makes Money ?

Again, you will get few Ad clicks but not as much as surfer traffic. If you promote a product you may get few sales too because a person who is deeply looking for information may go for buying. Because, usually we do research before buying a product.

Generally, the keywords that you use to drive research traffic are more “how to”, “ways to”, “steps to” etc. kind of articles.

Buyer Traffic.

Straight forward these are visitors who wants to buy a product. But not all the visitors may buy the product and the percentage of conversion depends on product & its features. Also, how well you are triggering the visitor to buy the product. You should need a clear content with focused keywords so that you will get targeted buying visitors.

How Buyer Traffic Makes Money ?

Mostly, buyer traffic sells. You could expect many product sales. It is good idea to drive buyer traffic if you are promoting affiliate products on your site. Buyer traffic may get Ad clicks too but comparatively lesser clicks. Right product, right product description will definitely drive sales. I would say, buyer traffic is the most profitable traffic compared to Surfer & Research traffic.

You should use keywords with “buy”, “purchase”, “order” etc. in your titles so that you will get direct buyers to your site.

The conclusion is, the kind of content decides the kind of traffic & its income. Focus on producing content based on your needs. See what kind of strategies you have used in your site to make money (ads income, sale income) ?

Drive surfer traffic for ad clicks, buyer traffic for sales, research traffic for both ad clicks & sales.

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