2010 was a great year for eMoneyMakingOnline.COM BlashO.com and the growth of this blog was almost as expected. I would say, the time that i spent for blogging as well for little blog marketing is the major investment. Traffic is growing day-by-day as the increase in number of useful articles i publish everyday.

Have a look on the below interesting blog updates (recently, i started to give my own blog updates):

Today, i gone through the statistics of my Google Analytics and found interestingly about the 10 top viewed articles on this blog. The kind of articles that are selected as top 10 here are focusing a real practical problem. Yes, this clearly shows that people are expecting useful stuffs. And definitely, that’s the secret to get more blog traffic especially from search engines.

Here is the list of 10+1 top viewed articles of eMoneyMakingOnline.COM BlashO:

The following figure how many times these articles are viewed in 2010 ? I will definitely work towards increasing this figure hugely for 2011.

Top of BlashO.com

Top of BlashO.com

  • The understanding from this post: Always write articles focusing towards “practical tips”.

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