Are you making impact with social media marketing?

Creating a strong business influence begins with the right niche. You should creatively choose your niche or else everything you do won’t yield the desired results. Some niches are super competitive while others are evergreen and easy to dominate. One of such niches is the coupon and discount niche.

When I first launched my coupon blog, that features 6pm discount codes and sittercity coupon deals, social media was my target marketing system. If you approach sites like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin with open radar, your overall success would be visible for others to follow.

Below are five easy steps to build a profitable coupon blog that makes you money, without all the hassles of building thousands of backlinks. With a proper keyword strategy, you could dominate Google top 10 within two month.Coupon's

1. Research your Market

Knowing to whom you want to sell could make the journey smooth and interesting. A lot of bloggers and internet marketers have missed out on knowing who their prospects are. The problem isn’t targeting but knowing!

You may be in the right market, but if you don’t know that one prospect your products won’t convert well. Participating on discussion boards and social groups could reveal some amazing characters of your prospect. Once this is extracted, you can now deliver the right products and services in the right format. Once you’ve done your research, read the next line…

2. Pick The Right Products/Services

This is why market research is mandatory.
Without a proper grasp of your potential buyer, you won’t deliver the right products and services that meet their needs. When picking your product offers, ensure the product has an up-sell and backend products.

This way, you would solve similar problems that they experience and also make some cool cash doing what you love. Fortunately, there are thousands of great offers for your coupon blog and Amazon would make selection easier.

3. Show Benefits Not Features

Online shoppers who search for coupon codes and discount deals are already presold on that particular offer. You role is to highlight the benefits of any given offer, and further strengthen their buying decisions.

TV Commercials, Infomercial and viral marketing are diverse ways in which prospects get pre-sold. You’re not even a product reviewer, the aim of a coupon blog is to share the benefits and encourage the buyer to place order out of their free will.

What is the benefit of using Kindle E-reader? List as many benefits as possible and if you want to write more, share a few of the features e.g. light weight, screen resizing etc.

4. Promote Your Coupon Blog

Web traffic is the live-wire of every online business. 95% of your entire concentration should be on promoting and converting potential buyers. On a serious note, the sole purpose of every blog, website, sales page, and ecommerce site is to make money.

And before you can make money, buyers have to come and that wouldn’t be possible until you drive targeted traffic.

Several ways I promote my coupon blog includes: guest posting, search engine optimization, social media marketing via Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook. You too can use these traffic systems to grow your business.

5. Focus On Building Relationships

Online shoppers want to know who they are buying from. For you to make any significant income online from your coupon and affiliate blogs, you need to connect with people in their own level.

Instead of asking strangers to grab your coupon codes and place order, get to know them first. How? You could give them a free report that shares interesting information about finding awesome deals. In exchange for your report, they have to give you their names and email addresses.

With this personal information, you could follow up, build strong rapport and tell them who you’re before asking for their hard earned money. I’ve discovered during the course of my blog promotion that sales go up when a buyer feels secured with you.

Take The Right Action!

Building a profitable coupon blog isn’t a new concept. For affiliate marketers and bloggers, we are used to product research and blog hosting. What you need most is to take the right action. It could be registering your first coupon domain name or researching your target market.

All in all, ensure your blog is filled with quality content that people would enjoy. The latest Google updates shows that keyword stuffing will no longer get you anywhere (well, it has never). Remember, Google and other search engines do not buy products; it’s the people who will – see you ahead!



About the Author:

Michael writes reviews of online merchants, like this Sittercity review.  You can also find reviews and promotional codes fro 6pm in his website Weight Loss Triumph. Sittercity is an American website serving families that are looking for babysitters. 6pm is a online store that sells inexpensive shoes, clothes, and bags.

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    i enjoy reading this and found it very informative, i wish someone would write an article on the legal side of blogging. Do we need to ask stores for permission to post their ad deals or we can do coupon matchups with out asking for permission i being wanting to start one in spanish and have seek legal help but no one know s anything about it

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