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This is one of the special page in BlashO.

Want to keep your blogging life cool? Want to easily achieve your blogging goals?

If yes, you have to work hard with your blog “unless” you are taking help from some of the best tools in the Industry. Most of the blog fails because of the reason: not being focused and not using the right tools.

Being focused, one of the advice I give a lot in BlashO since I personally realized this from my 6 years of blogging experience.

Using the right tools, you can make your blogging life easy and more important, you will be progressive with your blog “as a business”.

Here are the best tools for blogging that are recommended for you. Most of these tools I had personally used here in BlashO.

I hope it will be helpful in your blogging life.

Good Luck.

Industry Leading Reliable Web Hosting Service

Choose the best web hosting service provider of the world. They offer guaranteed up-time on affordable cost with 24×7 customer support. hosted on SiteGround
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SiteGround Web Hosting

SiteGround is one of the best and affordable web hosting provider best suitable for WordPress blogs. You get right from WordPress hosting to Cloud hosting options with great customer support. They have a very quick response time of less than 15 minutes. is proudly hosted on SiteGround and currently, we are in GoGeek plan.

Today, you get 60% discount on any SiteGround web hosting plan.

Reasons Why is Hosted with SiteGround?

  • Server-side CacheSiteGround has server-side cache enabled which performs 3 different levels of caching: static cache, dynamic cache, mem cache. Hence you don’t need to install any other cache plugin like W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache. page loading time reduced to ~1 second.
  • Quick Customer Support – You will be amazed by their response time, we got response from their support team even in less than 10 minutes and they quickly solved the problems too.
  • Free Site Migration – In case, if you are currently hosted with any other web hosting service, SiteGround will do the free migration for you – zero downtime. In fact, was migrated from Godaddy to SiteGround without any downtime.
  • Recommended by WordPress – It is one of the web hosting provider directly recommended by Hence you don’t need to think twice, just go for SiteGround.
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Professional Blog Design, Don’t Touch Source Code

Make your blog professional without touching any dirty source code by using these premium themes

Avada WordPress Theme

You get 100+ unimaginable options to customize the design, without touching source code. Simply, turn your blog into a professional business like me using the responsive Avada Theme.

BlashO proudly runs on Avada.

Reasons Why we use Avada @

  • Customization of Design – Avada has great number of features. However, the most interesting thing is you can customize the design according to your needs without touching any source code.
  • Clean & Responsive Design – Yes, there are no clutters. You can make a clean & simple design which shows that you are a professional brand. Just browse through, you will be amazed by the clean design. Of course, its responsive for any screen size.
  • Support PHP 7.0+ – Avada runs smooth on the latest PHP 7.0+ version and uses the great power of it – you can see the page loading faster the moment you click any link.
  • 100+ Theme Options – There are over 100’s of options in the Avada theme. Anything you imagine, it will be there in Avada.

All without touching any source code.

More Information on Avada
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Elegant Premium Themes

Get all the 80+ elegant themes on a single subscription. Best suitable for all type of blogs including: magazine blogs, business blogs, product blogs, personal blogs, tech blogs, review blogs etc.

More Information on Elegant Themes
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Must Have WordPress Plugins

These are the must have WordPress plugins, without these plugins I couldn’t even imagine a blogging life.

AffiLinker Affiliate Links

AffiLinker, the affiliate link WordPress plugin that converts given keywords into affiliate links and helps to quickly monetize your blog to maximum extent. BlashO proudly runs AffiLinker.

Detailed Review of AffiLinker
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Amazon WordPress Plugins

These are the WordPress plugins that can help you to make huge money as an Amazon Associate. I sold $30,000+ worth of products from Amazon using some of these best premium WordPress plugins made for Amazon.

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Bloom E-Mail Opt-In Plugin

One of the best premium WordPress Plugin to increase your E-Mail subscribers. Bloom shows cute pop-ups that can literally bring up your E-Mail followers overnight.

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Must Have Free WordPress Plugins

  • AffiLinker – You can try the free version of AffiLinker. You will be amazed to see how quickly you can monetize your blog to great extent.
  • W3 Total Cache – One of the best plugin that can easily cut down your blog’s loading time. Do you know? BlashO loads in less than 1.5 seconds
  • Yoast SEO Plugin – I was using All-In-One SEO Plugin. After seeing Yoast SEO, I felt its lot easier to manage titles, descriptions as well as Sitemaps and Meta tags in BlashO.
  • SumoMe Marketing Plugin – Once installed, it can take your blog to the next level of growth. That too, in less than few minutes without much confusion.

Tools to Cool Your Keyword Research & E-Mail List

These are the tools worth to have like an investment which can ultimately grow your blog.
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SEMrush Keyword Tool

SEMrush, the complete research tool for bloggers. You can analyze keywords, backlinks for any URL and even tap into your competitors keywords easily.

More Information on SEMRush
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AWeber E-Mail Tool

Aweber, the email marketing software that can help you to manage all your E-Mail list from one place. With Aweber, you can create newsletter, subscription widgets, popups etc. You can also track the behaviour of your E-Mail list.

More About Aweber

Expert Courses to Improve Your Knowledge

These are the courses related to blogging that can exponentially improve your knowledge. Knowledge is Power.

Udemy – All Courses At One Place

InUdemy, you can find anything related to blogging, traffic generation, monetization, affiliate marketing, social media marketing or even about programming, cooking etc.

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