Recently, Moz conducted the 2015 Online Marketing Industry Survey. The survey revealed lot of interesting data especially, they ranked those top tools right from SEO to Social Media.

Most of these tools are well known and you might have came across them in your blogging career. If you don’t know about these tools its worth-to-know and you should not ignore the features of them.40 Tools for Bloggers like you

As tools are most preferred by the industry definitely, they are worth it. As a blogger, using the right tool is always important because for a person like me (going for a day job), it helps to save lot of my valuable time. And, using right tools will always help me to “be focused” on the blog and my online business goal.

Okay, lets get into the list. To make it more useful to you, I have compiled the tools along with a YouTube video which explains more about each tool.

Top 10 SEO Tools

SEO tools are the major focus and life without these tools are unimaginable.

With the dynamic changes in SEO industry and to with-stand the frequent Google algorithm changes – you must have a strong SEO basement in order grow your blog. The tools listed here makes that to happen.

1. Google Webmaster Tools

2. Google Keyword Planner

3. Open Site Explorer

4. Moz Pro

5. Screaming Frog

6. Yoast WordPress Plugin

7. SEMrush Tool

8. Bing Webmaster Tool

9. Majestic SEO

10. Ahrefs

Top 10 Content Tools

These are the tools which helps to find new content ideas for your blog.

They help you to analyze what’s hot on the web? and where’s the demand stands?

With these tools, you can flood your blog with great content, you can “non-stop” feed your blog readers.

11. Google Alerts

12. Google Trends

13. Reddit

14. BuzzSumo

15. Followerwonk

16. Fresh Web Explorer

17. Feedly

18. Disqus Comment System

19. G+ Trending

20. HARO

Top 10 Analytics Tool

When it comes to analytics, I always prefer Google Analytics for 2 reasons: its free and second, it has lot of data directly provided by Google.

That means, these data will also be used by Google for ranking your pages. Hence I pay more attention to Google Analytics only.

Here are the top 10 tools to watch.

21. Google Analytics

22. Crazy Egg

23. WordPress Stats

24. HubSpot

25. Kissmetrics

26. Adbobe Analytics

27. In-House Tools

28. AWStats

29. Webtrends

30. ClickTale

Top 10 Social Tools

The survey also ranks the top social tools in today’s market apart from the top social network sites.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ are ranking on top 3 and I continue to focus on these 3 networks in BlashO apart from YouTube. Social tools related to analytics and account management are holding the top ranks.

31. Facebook Insights

32. Hootsuite

33. Twitter Analytics

34. Bitly

35. Moz Pro

36. Followerwonk

37. LinkedIn Insights

38. Buffer

39. Klout

40. TweetDeck

There are lot of stats collected in the Moz survey, you can find the full list here. I find these are the tools rated on it which really helps you in blogging. Further, the survey also finds the top activities of marketers – this tells where exactly marketers are interested or focused activities of marketer which helps blogger

Analytics and Keyword Research takes the top 2 positions followed by Site Audit, Content Creation and Social Media Marketing. I believe Keyword Research and Content Creations goes together – Analytics and Site Audit goes together as they are related activities.

Hope these tools and data help you to work more focused in your business/blog towards growth.

Good Luck.


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