Blogs have moved well beyond the realm of hobbyist and become some of the leading sources of information in the world. Whether an individual wishes to share their ideas with others or looking to make some extra money, every writer wants their work to be read. For bloggers, the answer to this question may come down to networking.

All the great bloggers read and contribute to the field as a whole, not just their own website. Here are some of the tips and etiquette to ensure that everyone comes out on top when writing guest posts.

Why Make Guest Posts In The First Place?

The first question to ask is, “Why write for this blog in the first place?” There are almost as many answers to this question as their are writers on the internet. The reason behind posting will help to determine the quality and style of the post itself, so it is imperative for bloggers to take a closer look at exactly why they are sharing their work.Looks she is writing guest post !

For The Love Of The Blog
Being able to glance through a list of contributors and see one’s name can be a reward in and of itself. Even though this relatively insignificant in the grand scale of the business, these types of posts can lead into a very profitable and rewarding future.

Help Them Help You
Search engine optimization can mean the difference between a successful website and a dead end. The higher ranking a blog has, the more visitors it receives. One great way to boost ranking is to contribute to other websites. The easiest way to find these high-yield blogs is through Google’s Analytics which tracks worldwide trends or to simply search the internet for other websites that are hitting the topics that interest you. This tip I consider as one of the most important.

Friends Work Together
Most children are taught to play nice with other children, and this old adage fits the world of blogging perfectly. Just as with SEO, collaborating with another blogger can be a huge boost to both websites. Many successful bloggers can confirm this tactic. Most of my posts is placed on my friends blogs. Without making friendships with other bloggers your chances are not so good.

What Do I Write About?

Now, the real writing comes into play. Writers need to find pertinent and useful topics that are going to boost search ratings and attract readers. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Here are some useful tips to find the perfect topic everytime.

Skim Their Articles
This is an easy first step, but one that is often overlooked. Guest bloggers need to move beyond the homepage and start to looking at some of the topics that the website is geared for. While a blog may call deem itself an automobile fan page, the readers may gravitate towards imports or classics.

Keep Up With Their Trends
The internet moves at an astonishing speed. Both readers and bloggers produce, read, and then move on within days. Finding current topics, debates, or news is key in producing the perfect guest post. When unsure, look for a “wish list” page. Many of the top sites include an updated page on the topics that they are looking for at the moment.

Delve Into The Comments Section
A very popular strategy for many bloggers is to leave an unanswered question to bring in more comments. These questions and the ensuing comments are the perhaps the best place to find inspiration.

Just Ask
Last but not least, it can be fruitful to just ask the owner. Coming up with a handful of topics and then sending over a short list of the top choices is a great way to begin building a relationship with the blog owner.

It can be an uncomfortable step for writers to give their work away to another website. Luckily, with these few tips in mind, this can be one of the most efficient ways to boost popularity, website traffic, and experience.

Jeff writes mostly about blogging, internet marketing, Pay Per Click Strategies and Search Engine Optimization techniques and best practices. He is also a consultant and content contributor for Queens homes NY community.

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