Membership based wordpress blogs are meant for profits. It all depends on for what purpose you are empowering a membership site. Either to create a private circle of members around your wordpress blog or simply, to offer something valuable for registered users only. However, when you use it for business purpose, you could make a lot out of membership web sites – by integrating a payment system which helps in making money too.

Here is another wordpress plugin, released recently TheWebGears – Members wordpress plugin (TWG members).

  • The purpose of this plugin is to maintain registered users around your wordpress blog. This is totally outside the regular wordpress users list.
  • It allows you to maintain a separate list of users and their profiles never tied with regular wordpress users.
  • The greatest advantage of this plugin, i could see is – ability to customize the registration fields.
  • That means, not just user name and password – you could extent the registration form to collect much more details about the users through this plugin.

membershipThere are shortcodes created which helps you to quickly create registration forms or pages, login form, profile management page and to create customized login error messages. It allows to create a users profile page which you could make it public and make it visible to other visitors also.

This wordpress plugin is in the earlier stage of development and definitely, you could give a try especially if you are looking to get more details from the registered user which are not available in regular wordpress registration system.

I will take you through the list of membership management plugins in one of the upcoming article. Stay tuned !

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