Recently, I wrote an article on the requirements for making money from blogs. In that, i derived a new sentence as “Tetrad of Blogging“. So i am going to brief that statement explaining those Tetrad’s.

From my past experience of blogging, i have found that 4 facts which you should never miss. Because when you see blogging as a business, it needs consistency in everything. From producing content to making money, you have to work consistently. But it is always good to work on a planned approach. You should have a work nature or style for your blogging business and more important the focus/goals. There comes the Tetrad’s of blogging which you need to FOCUS. The terads are: Content, Reader, Traffic & Income.

These four are heavily inter-related and inter-dependent in nature. Lets see one-by-one, how a blogger should focus on these Tetrad’s ?

#1 Content.

Content plays a major role in your blog. Publishing useful content is the best practice in blogging. Whatever you write on your blog, it should be on your topic deeper. Content should solve a problem or it should guide the visitor. It’s a natural process, if you start writing useful content definitely your reader loves. In fact, content plays a major role in search engine traffic. Writing unique, fresh, quality content drives more search engine traffic. The kind of content decides the nature of visitor coming to your blog which readily affects your income. So the above 3 statement shows that content affects Reader, Traffic, Income.

#2 Reader.

Assert of your blog is reader. When no one reads your blog, it means you are not writing for readers. Many blogs are failing because of poor content which leads to lack of readers. When you write useful content, your blog gets more readers who are looking for such content. That’s why write for readers first and search engines next ! It don’t mean your blog’s subscriptions count, readers are those who are feeling that your blog has useful content. Branding your blog plays a major role too in attracting readers. Uniqueness in design may stand out your blog from competition crowd, especially if you are blogging on a high competition niche.

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#3 Traffic.

When you have content, you will get more reader, which is more traffic. Recently, i have classified the Traffic as Surfer Traffic, Research Traffic & Buyer Traffic as Kind of Traffic. The kind of traffic that you need for your blog depends on your content and Keywords. Keywords plays a major role in deriving such targeted traffic from search engines. Every article that you write, opens a gate way for traffic. Traffic decides your Income. When you don’t have traffic, you could not make money from your blog. Getting traffic is the toughest and funniest part of blogging.

#4 Income.

Finally, comes the income. The volume of traffic and kind of traffic decides the income. If you are selling affiliate products then you should need Buyer Traffic or Research Traffic. At the same time, if you have PPC Ads on your blog then you should need mostly Surfer Traffic. But overall, traffic decides the income. You should even monetize your blog effectively by both affiliate promotion and PPC Ads. If you are running a blog as business then making money will be your utmost goal, you work for income.

Then, how to increase your blog income ?

That’s simple, prioritize the Blogging Terad’s in this order: Content -> Reader -> Traffic -> Income. So Produce useful content, Gain readers, Get targeted traffic and Earn income from your blog !

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