When it comes to WordPress errors, most of the time you will be confused on what to do. You do a lot of Google search and finally, end up trying different things to fix the error. This not just happens to you and me, it happens with every WordPress blogger around.

Now let us come to the WordPress stylesheet errors:

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

The active theme is broken. Reverting to the default…

ERROR: Stylesheet is missing.

If you are seeing any of the above errors then you are on the right page today. In this article, I will take you through the steps to fix the stylesheet missing error especially when you install a WordPress theme.

What are Stylesheets?

  • For a beginner, stylesheets are set of rules which defines the style of a web page. CSS is a stylesheet language which helps to build a presentable web page.
  • Any WordPress theme requires the stylesheet to be defined (using the filename style.css)

How to fix stylesheet missing error?

As the error clearly says, WordPress is not able to find the style.css file – this is nothing but the stylesheet rules used by your WordPress theme.

However, when WordPress is trying to install the theme, it is not able to locate the style.css file. That’s why it is throwing an error.Fix for stylesheet missing error in WordPress

The following are possible solutions for stylesheet missing error:

  • You are not installing the theme files. That means the zip file that you upload for installing the theme is not exactly containing the theme files. In case, if you had purchased a WordPress theme (for example, from Themeforest) then you have to download using the option Installable WordPress files only. Similarly, make sure you are actually uploading only the zipped file of your theme (example here).
  • Are you using WordPress.com blog? You may be using a WordPress.com site but trying to install a theme from WordPress.org. Keep in mind that they both are different and you cannot install a theme between them.
  • Problem with any of the WordPress plugins. Try to deactivate all the WordPress plugins one-by-one installed in your blog and then install the theme again. Sometimes, there may be a WordPress plugin that is causing an issue in your blog. Give a try. Once you installed the theme, you can activate the WordPress plugins one-by-one and delete the one which caused the problem (example here).

I researched around and found these are most common solutions that worked for many WordPress users.

In case, if you are still facing this error and not able to solve, please leave a comment below.


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