Hello I am John Gregory creator of John Gregory’s Blog you can go and check out the blog later for more information. The topic of the post is to stop wasting your time and start making money. Before we get started lets look at a small story or lets actually create it.

You are a 20 year old person that has no job and lives with his parents. You waste all of your time sitting in front of the computer doing nothing. You don’t have a girl friends or boy friends, because lets face it who would want to be with a person that is to lazy to get their but of the chair. There is only way to change your life, and if you were thinking about creating a blog or website and making money from it, then you are right. So what do you have to do ? I will explain.

1. Create a Blog or Website

Since you are wasting so much time in front of the computer, you can go to Google and search for some information on how to create a website or a blog that will help you with your earnings. It’s not hard, because you have ready blogs like Blogger.com and WordPress.com. If you want to create a website by using HTML or PHP you can always go and download DreamWeaver. This program helps you create a website without wanting you to understand anything from HTML. Take your time with your creation, this way you will be sure that your website’s design is going to look good for the eye of the readers.

  • Before actually starting with the creation of the website or blog you can pick the topic of them. What do you want them to be about.

2. Apply For Google Adsense

When you create your amazing blog or website, that has original content (remember this) you can apply for Google Adsense. Google Adsense will put advertisements on your website or blog and will give you money for every click you are getting on the ad and for all of the page views you get. Applying for Google Adsense can be really hard for some poeple, when it’s actually really simple.

You have to remember only two things:

  • You have to write only original content (write everything on your own).
  • The navigation of your site must not be hard, don’t use pop-ups or stuff like that, a sitemap will help for Google’s bot to search your whole website.

3. Apply For Amazon associates

Here it’s way more simple. You only apply, that’s all and you get accepted. Amazon associates works the same way as Google Adsense, putting advertisements on your blog or website about their products. When somebody buys those products that you are advertising, you receive up to 15% of the money from that exact product.

Time vs Money !

Time vs Money !

4. Wait For It

When your done with everything it’s time for the hardest part. Waiting for your blog to grow. By that I don’t mean to sit back and wait something magical to happen. By that i mean to be patient.

  • You will have to help your self with increasing your traffic, so you get more money. Advertise your self. Guest blog, anything do something to increase you blog\website traffic.

Thank you for reading this post. I hope this has helped you. Leave a comment, if you have any other ideas that will help out the bloggers that want to win money online.

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  1. A good read Gregory!
    And a few good tips on how to monetize your blog!

    You mentioned “Dreamweaver” a very popular web editor you can easily use to create your website.
    I thought i’ll add to that two good decent “Free” web editors you can get your hands on the net ie… Kompozer and free version of “Coffeecup”.. 🙂

    Thanks Ven,


    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      Hi Harj, thanks for referring to those free tools, it reminds me that i have used CoffeeCup long back in the earlier stage of my career….

    • Hey there Harj, yes Cofeecup is also an awesome web editor, but i only mentioned “Dreamweaver”, because almoust everybody uses it. And i thank you for the positive comment. And Mr.Ven for accepting it.

  2. Jeffry - Reply

    I would say, to become a successful blogger we should not stick to adsense. Go beyond it and promote great affiliate products….

  3. Hey good information. Thanks for sharing. There’s a lot of way of how to make money online, i’d be glad to share some if you email me 🙂

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