Building Email List is one of the major assert in online business especially in promoting sales and engaging readers/visitors. It actually involves getting the list of email ids from people who are interested on the topic. Basically, a targeted visitors list who will become your customer soon today or tomorrow.

  • The major advantage of building email list, you could ping the visitors anytime to come back to your site/blog. You could show a new product to them and drive more sales. Hence email list helps you to make more money anytime.

Okay, lets see those 3 instant steps to quickly build email list.

Step 1: Decide the Purpose of eMail List.

The foremost step, defining a purpose for this email campaign.

  • Why do you build an email list ?
  • Being clear, helps you to make the right steps towards building a huge list of targeted visitors.
  • Either you want to sell products ? or you want to build a customer base around your site ?
  • Or you want to make a newsletter kind of stuff to engage readers to your blog ?

Basically, decide the purpose of your email campaign before jumping to start.

Step 2: Your Offers To Bring People.

Next comes, what you offer the visitors to join your email list. The most simplest strategy of list building is “Give Aways”.

  • Offering free downloads to the visitor upon signing up is the best strategy, to quickly make the visitors to sign up.
  • The best give away, an ebook which explains about the topic/idea or it explains, how to solve a problem ?
  • You could write your own ebook or simply, find a free book to give away.

eMail List

Step 3: The Sign Up Page & Plugins.

You don’t need a bigger page with fancy images. A simply written sign up page with a subscription form is well enough.

  • Give a big title. Write short introduction, on what you are offering free and its value (for example, say that you are giving an ebook of value $100 FREE).

For wordpress users, simply install this G-Lock Double Opt-In plugin (its FREE to use) which makes everything for you. It has many features to send bulk marketing emails or simply, install a newsletter system on your blog apart from creating sign up pages.

Step 4: Bring In Traffic To Sign Up Page.

The toughest part of email list building is bringing the right visitors to the signup page. If you have a high traffic blog already then its an easy job.

  • For low traffic blogs, you could write a guest post in multiple blogs which are related to your topic/domain and leave the sign up page URL in author bio. This way, you could simply bring in more visitors to your sign up page.
  • Otherwise, advertise your sign up page using PPC Ads like Google Adwords, YSM, Facebook Ads etc. Use the right keywords to bring targeted visitors to your sign up page.

What Next ? Your email list grows….

Final Thoughts.

Building an email list is a simple task provided you are able to bring huge traffic to the signup page. Your job actually starts once you have huge people in your list and it depends on, how well you manage the readers to stay in the list longer. Few tips for effectively utilizing email lists.

  • Don’t force the visitor to sign up.
  • At the same time, ask every visitor to sign up (a change to maximum extent).
  • Don’t spam your email list with huge number of emails.
  • Don’t recommend poor products which doesn’t adds value to the buyer.
  • Don’t sell/disclose the email list to third parties.

Email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tool in Internet.



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