Now you are ready with a great domain name (SEO friendly & branded) along with a free hosting or a paid hosting. That means your online business platform is ready and just you are about to launch your brand new online business. You are also ready with a topic that you are interested and that has demand in Internet. The next step is launching your online business site. You are ready to face the public so keep in mind you have to pay more attention and show perfection in your job.

In reality, during the launching stage if you pay good attention for sure it will be easier to manage your business daily. As an individual, you are becoming a entrepreneur not just doing this a hobby. You have to think like you are doing a real world business and give the same weightiness to your online business too.

Here are the steps to launch your online business site.

Before that you should be clear what you are going to do with your site as business ? Simply answering, you are launching a site and going to write useful information about the selected topic using blogger or wordpress. So here are the steps to launch your business into the field.

1) Title & description For Your Site. You have to give a title for your site, a title is the text that you see on the top of the browser. It’s just a one line text or description about your site but you have to use the right keywords. You know the targeted keywords right ? (that you found using Google Keyword Tools in the preparation stage).  Similarly, you have to define the description of your site.

The below example shows the title and description of a site. You have to give a meaningful title and description as well using the keywords in them. This may look silly but once you make a great title and description you don’t need to change it again & again (that may affect your search engine positions rigorously)

Example for title and description

2) List Down The Categories In Your Topic. You are familiar with your topic so just list down the various categories or sub-topics. You site should have all these categories added well in the starting stage. This give the impression to the readers as well as search engines that you are covering all the level of information in your topic in-depth.

3) Block Your Site From Search Engines. In the starting stage, it is good to block your site from search engines eye. Because your site don’t have any good information now so there is no meaning to allow search engines to visit your site. Once your site has good information you could allow search engines. Keep in mind, first impression is the best impression (that too applies for search engines).

For wordpress users, these are the steps to block search engines.

For blogger users, these are the steps to block search engines.

4) Prepare A List Of Articles On Your Topic. Now its time to really start your work. You are about to write and publish the information about your topic. So make a list of what you are going to write first. Write at least 10 to 20 articles first and publish in your site, these articles should be the base content for your business site. That means you have to write great and useful stuffs. Because you are going to open up your business and for that you should have high quality information in your site, right ? so keep that in mind and produce good content. It takes time but don’t worry about that, you will be paid back with profits soon later.

Once you are ready with good articles, you could publish them in your blog. (become familiar with using wordpress or blogger that’s too simple if you use once, for more information read out this wordpress support or blogger help pages).

5) Setup Your Site or Blog. Setting up your site involves selecting the design or theme, adding essential tools/features to your site etc. WordPress users go through this article (Start WordPress Blog) & blogger users go through this article (Start Blogger Blog). The steps may look huge but it won’t really takes more than 30 mins with blogger and 3-4 hours with wordpress.

6) Allow Your Site For Search Engines. Now you are ready with good information and you could post them in your site. So your site is having enough and good content so it is ready to open it for all. Just follow the same steps and unblock your site from search engines.

7) Tell Everyone Your Business Site Is Launched. Its time to tell everyone that you are ready with your site. You could give out a press release to tell the public about your business (if you don’t want to spend money, skip this). You could tell search engines by publishing an article about your site in (include a link to your site in the article), this introduces your site to search engines. Or just bookmark one of your article in or so that search engines will find your site and indexes all your fresh n new pages. (you may start getting few traffic too…)

8) What’s Next ? Your business is launched in front of everyone and you have started your own online business. Be proud that you are a business owner. Now you have to continue publishing good information around the topic, don’t stop. Just keep on serving with good information…never stop !

Meanwhile, will learn how to make money from your business site ?

Steps To Start Online Business – A Beginners Course


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