I believe you are stunned about seeing branded blogs on the Internet. And you are looking to brand your blog too, right ? Then you are in the right place to learn the simple yet effective steps to brand your blog.

Branding is an art of giving a shape, visualization, remembrance for your business.

So if you are blogging for business or running your blog as a business then you should pay importance to branding.

This article tells you 3 simple steps to brand your blog in minutes or less than a day.

Lets see them in detail.

Step #1 – Create A Brand Logo For Your Blog.

A brand Logo gives the visual impression to your blog.

Good logo’s easily sits on the readers mind. If you think Yahoo, you could remember that Y! & if you think IBM you could remember their grooved logo. That’s called branding. Simply, apply your creativity and correlate the logo to your blog topic.

Now, where to create logos ?

Creating a logo is a simple task, one way go to  Pixlr a free image tool, which helps you to create a logo online. Or Go to Logotion & buy a logo for your blog. But more important, Keep your logo simple & creative.


  1. It’s good to associate a slogan to your logo/blog. For example, this blog has the slogan “Create – Blog- Grow”, you could name a humorous sentence too. And you could see Mr.Ven’s logo at many places of this blog.
  2. You won’t believe, I created logo for BlashO using a document editor only. I simply typed the blog name added a symbol :- at the end and captured it as an image using the free Greenshot tool.


Step #2 – Formatting links, texts and colors.

Now the second step is customizing or formatting the text, links & their colors on your blog. Select the text color & link color first.

Use color matching tool and find out more matching colors. Now use them for links, titles also. Keep your links to follow the same color through out the blog.

Also, decide the font size for texts, titles & use them the same everywhere on your blog. You can go for Google fonts to get stylish look. Formatting the texts & colors don’t take much time but finally you will see a well formatted + branded colorful blog.


  1. Use light-dark color combination’s & keep the font size readable.
  2. I use a professionally designed theme.
  3. I use Google fonts.
Linking Link'z

Linking Link’z

Step #3 – Show Professional & Speak Unique.

To retain or to maintain your brand value, you should act/be as a professional.

First, understand the purpose of your blog. Be clear, what you want to achieve from your blog.

Your words should be unique, when compared to other competitors in your business. Have a unique way of speech to your readers, it makes them to love your blog and your content. Don’t use horrible or more complex words, try to keep your words as simple as possible.

Also, deliver your message clean & clear to understand easily. That helps you to build a reader friendly blog,  which is more important to retain your brand value.


  1. Use short sentences as much as possible. It shows that you are professional/soft in nature & makes more reader friendly.
  2. Learn to tell stories (I am practising more on this).
Be Professional

Be Professional !

These 3 steps are really simple to build a brand for your blog. However, to build a well established brand, it takes time. You should consistently serve your visitors with value and if you have a  product like me – work to improve its quality (for the customers).

There is not replacement for quality in order to build a branded blog.

Good Luck.

image: victor, anniemole, tims


About the Author:

I love-to-code, passionate-to-write, an upcoming author, and WordPress enthusiast. Here at BlashO, I mostly share WordPress tips. Connect with me @Twitter.


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      Nicely said my friend 🙂

  2. Before you design a logo, be sure to choose a unique and catchy name. To get inspiration and help to find good names, use this tool to create good names.

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      Hi Andy, I think you didn’t mentioned the tool….if you see this comment back pl share what is that tool ?

  3. This idea would really help the people to make brand the blog.

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  5. Hi Ven! Well said. The above mentioned 3 steps are really helpful in getting good brand to our blog. I like this post very much.

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