Finalized an idea, now the next step is hosting your brand new web site. Setting up your web site is not a toughest job but you have to spend few time. Its not that much hard, You have to setup 2 things:

  • Domain Name – A domain name is the web site name and its address which looks like
  • Web Hosting – A storage place to keep all your web sites data in a centralized server/location. There are reliable servers managed by various companies in Internet.

Web hosting

Here are the two simple steps:

  • Just get SiteGround discounts – register a domain name, web hosting space (to store your actual web sites content), it costs very less when you use those discounts.
  • For those who don’t want to spend money, you could launch a free blog from (if you are not serious and don’t want to win bigger).

Selecting a domain name is the critical step which actually resembles/brands your online business. Pay more attention to it. Here are quick tips to select a good domain name:

  • Keep the domain name short and it should reflect your topic/business.
  • Try to use the keywords as domain name that you listed in the back side of the paper.
  • Use domain names which ends with .com or .net only, they are more remembering.
  • Or simply, use a ear catchy rhyming “Brand Name”.

So got your web site ready, the next step is bringing your website UP. WordPress is a open source free tool which helps to manage your website like writing articles, editing articles, designing the web site etc. free of cost. If you are using Godaddy, just go to Applications menu and select “Install WordPress”, you will be prompted to create username/password for your website and its database (used to store your websites information).

Once the installation is complete, just go to where you could see the admin login page. Your online business kick starts from now.

Lets go to next step: Building Your Online Business Web Site.

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  1. You have some good info here on business start up hosting sites. Very useful for the beginner. As you know, another option of course is custom website design, though it is not as cheap as a word press blog, it can be more relevant depending on the nature of the business.

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