Your website is live but it has nothing available to visit. Now its time to build your web site from scratch. From now-onwards, the real business/work starts. The success of your online business purely depends on how well you are working in this phase. Lets not discuss more stories. I will clearly list down in simple words, what to do ? how to build a better web site ?

Designing Your Site.

Now-a-days, its really simple to design a professional looking web site especially if you are using WordPress. Just follow the below steps, it won’t take more than 10-20 minutes.

  • Search for professionally looking themes from Themes2wp or WordPress Themes. These two are the best places to download a theme/design of your choice quickly.
  • Login to your dashboard, select Appearance -> Themes from the side bar of your wordpress dashboard. Upload the theme and click “Activate“.

That’s all, your site design is done !

Lets Build !

Lets Build !

Once your site design is ready, you have to enchance your site using WordPress Plugins. Plugins are addons which actually helps you to turn your blog with more features.

Install the below plugins first, will discuss more about plugins later.

Branding Your Online Business.

Building a brand is one of the toughest part of online business. Being professional, staying unique are the two generally accepted de facto of branding. To make it clear, i recommend you to follow these 3 simple steps for branding.

  • Create A Logo – Logo resembles your business and it reminds in the visitors mind. Create a eye catchy logo which attracts the visitor attention. As an example, i have used a branded logo for myself (as Mr.Ven, the black hat man) !
  • A slogan – Have a single line slogan for your web site. It should tell the purpose of your site. I use the slogan “Anatomy of Online Business” which quickly stands out from others.
  • The third step, Read this article about Steps To Brand Your Blog which has more insights on branding.

Keep in mind that branding makes even smaller websites to look bigger. It actually builds the TRUST on your site when the visitors looks for the first time. So don’t avoid branding !

Building Useful Content.

Once your design/brand is ready, you have to work for content. Yes, you have to turn your site into information rich portal. Internet users are information seekers and they want real useful stuffs. If your blog serves the visitors with such useful information, they will come back again to your site looking for more information .

Its more about, how well you are helping the visitors ? Content Is King, that’s always true with your online business web site. On whatever topic you build your site, you have to publish quality information. It actually gains search engines authority, more content gives more visitors.

To help you, i will give you few tips to build information rich site.

  • Always stay on the topic (esp. around the keywords that you listed before) and provide series of articles.
  • Write more articles which starts with “How To”, “Ways For”, “Tips for” etc. which gains more readers especially from search engines.
  • Your article should solve the visitors problem, give them multiple solutions.
  • Schedule to write articles. For example, have a goal to write 1 article per day. This way, going forward your site will have plenty of useful information.

Keep in mind that building your online business site is not simple. It needs hard work, dedication and consistency in publishing useful articles (you have to write for the whole life cycle of your online business). Moreover, it takes time to pickup and you have to work with patience. But once grown, the results are huge !

Okay, lets move on the next topic: Money Making From Online Business Site.

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  1. I really appreciate your website and posts,I really fallow all your ideas and I am ready with good online business idea and i have purchased good wordpress theme as well here where i have struck is when i compare my competitors they have more features where only premium theme is not meeting those and i decided to modify my theme and i tried to find good wordpress development company but i got one or two companies but asking very big money .please suggest me a cheap and good wordpress development company who can help me out .

    • Ven Tesh - Reply

      You can find freelancers at cheaper rate from or, give a try !

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