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How to Start Online Business? Follow the Steps & Achieve your Dream Goals in Life

Starting an online business is not a complex process and interestingly, you don’t need to invest lakhs or crores.

With the comfort of Internet, you could even run an online business from home – “work from anywhere” and “work at any time”.

You can work less than 90-minutes a day.

You don’t need to quit your full-time job.

Be your own boss.

By starting an online business, you should be able to achieve your dream goals in life.

In this page, I will take you through the steps for beginners – by following the steps, you should be able to simply run your own business online in less than a week without much investment. All I can say, evaluate & build your passion into an online business…

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Here are My 6 Steps Approach to
Start your First Online Business…Without any Hassles!

Today, I am sharing you the exact steps that are simple and you can just replicate it to start your own online business. You don’t need any technical knowledge or any programming skills. You don’t need more money. You don’t need to spend a lot of your valuable hours. Only the basic knowledge of using the web is well enough and you can work from anywhere – work at any time.

Step 1: Fix your Day & Mindset

The most common problem as an individual, you complain a lot and find excuses for not taking any positive action.

Yes, you are not starting.

You complain that:

  • I don’t have time.
  • I am afraid of failure.
  • I have a family, I can’t find the time.
  • I am already going for a full-time job.
  • I have to watch the cricket match today.
  • I come late from office and I will be tired every day.

these are few of most common complaints people do.

You find excuses.

You become lazy.

Now, how to fix it?

Review your day-to-day activities and find out where you are unnecessarily spending time.

Prioritize your activities and cut down a low priority activity.

Few examples of low priority activities:

  • watching tv late night
  • unnecessarily roaming outside
  • an unwanted/useless habit in your day
  • spending too much time with office collages
  • spending too much time with boring friends etc.

Find at least a spare 90-minutes a day.

Tell your mind that I am “seriously” running a real business.

This way, you will be “prepared yourself to work” for your online business.

Step 2: Explore yourself & Find your Passion

Passion is all about, what you are interested to do in life.

All you have to explore your inside interests and identify the one topic that you are more passionate about it.

Because, if you are passionate about it, naturally you should be able to work on it without any hesitations. In fact, you will be more productive.

You will be able to work today, tomorrow and even years after starting an online business.

Hence, find an online business idea based on your own interests.

Few examples, you may be:

  • passionate about travel
  • passionate about photography
  • passionate about a particular subject
  • passionate about programming or coding
  • passionate about playing a musical instrument etc.

Pick the topics which are most interest to you.

Instead of simply going by your passion, you also have to “evaluate your passion” first. Because, when you start your business, you should be sure that there is a demand for your market.

  • For example, if you are interested in fitness then you should make sure that the world has demand in that subject.
  • One step further, you have to identify a problem in the topic and focus your business towards it. For example, you shall focus on a specific problem like: how to naturally reduce weight in 30 days?

Use Google Trends (free tool) and make sure the world has demand/interest in the particular topic/problem.

Step 3: Identify your Type of Online Business

You know your passion & also, you evaluated it.

Now, this is one of the crucial steps for an online business as you have to decide, what kind of product you are going to develop.

To keep it simple, I will define a product as something “valuable” to the world.

  • The world is your customer, who has a problem.
  • Your product is the solution to them.
  • You charge for it.

For example, there are people who want how to learn the flute. If you compile a video course on, how to play the flute – that’s a product.

An online business product can be any of the following:

  • eBook
  • Video course
  • Software/App
  • Offer an online help/service etc.

Step 4: Build your Product using Right Tools

Now you have identified the type of online business you are gonna start.

Its not viable to start an online business with no money, you have to change that mindset.

With very less investment easily you can do it. The cost varies for each type of the business.

It is a common mindset among people that I want to earn a lot of money without spending or investing anythat’s not the right attitude.

Instead, you must push money to work for you”.

In order to do a perfect product launch, you have to at least spend few 100 dollars as an investment.

The advantage is that when you use the “right tools”, you don’t need to struggle. You can “be more focused” on what you want to achieve.

In fact, you can automate the entire process.

A quick look at the tools required for each type of online business:

  • Video course – buy a high-quality video cam & mic, download free CamStudio (for screen capture), free openshot (for video editing) – you can host your videos using Udemy (they take care of payment/delivery/download).
  • eBook – Use an existing document editor – write a document, get it proofread by an expert (for ex. hire using Upwork), publish it as eBook using Amazon KDP (they take care of payment/delivery/download).
  • Software/App – Hire a software developer (for ex. hire using Upwork) and get your App developed. Launch it through Google Play Console, Apple Developer – they take care of payment/delivery/download.
  • Offer a service – For example, join Upwork, create a profile and get hired as a freelancer – you don’t need to spend money here.

As stated earlier, your product should focus on the customer problem and it should be a right solution to them.

Step 5: Skyrocket your Online Business & Market It

Marketing is one of the most crucial processes in order to grow your online business bigger.

You have to apply Internet Marketing techniques which is not a complex process – however, it takes time to pick up.

Interesting, you can market your business from anywhere in the world or by just sitting inside your home.

All you have to use the right tools and strategize a method for marketing: there comes blogging, social media (facebook, twitter), YouTube.

  • You can create a blog and attract your target audience by publishing articles regularly related to them. People visit your blog through search engines like Google or from social media sites like facebook, twitter. Learn to get more blog trafficShowcase your product to blog visitors and sell it.
  • You can also start a YouTube channel and post videos related to your target audience – YouTube drives a lot of visitors to your blog.

At the same time, you should capture the visitor’s email id using Mailchimp or Convertkit. Using these tools, you can set up a series of automated emails that communicate to your target audience about their problem and shows your product as a solution.

This way you can turn your visitors into paying customers.

Step 6: Achieve your Dreams in Life + Simple Math

Success in life varies by person-to-person.

It all depends on how you are measuring success/achievement.

My personal opinion, “Success is a Journey & it is infinite”.

For example, if we can measure success in terms of money – we can do a quick math.

Let’s say, you created a video course and charging $49 per student enrolled.

  • 10 students per month x $49 = $490 per month or $5,880 per year (approx. 3,70,440 INR)
  • 30 students per month x $49 = $1470 per month or $17,640 per year (approx. 11,11,320 INR)
  • 100 students per month x $49 = $4900 per month or $58,800 per year (approx. 37,04,400 INR)

Once you established your product, you can also increase the cost of your product as $97, possibly you can earn 100 x $97 = $9700 per month or $116400 per year (approx. 73,33,200 INR).

The results are totally unlimited depends on the “demand” for your product and the “reach” of your product.

As stated earlier, achievement or success varies from person-to-person.

Interestingly, you can also repeat the same steps for ‘N’ of your own online businesses – it’s up to your own interest & hard work.

At the same time, when you are able to “work on what you like”, “work from anywhere you want”, “work anytime in a day”, “spend more time with your family & friends” + “financial freedom” – what else you want in life?

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