Lets learn, how to start making money as a blogger ? For beginners, definition of blog is “An online journal where people can post diary entries about their personal experiences, hobbies or anything they like.” So a blogger is the person who manages the blog :-).

Blogger can do blogging for many reasons.

  • To keep a note of his experiences.
  • To share his knowledge with others.
  • To write personal happenings.
  • To share whatever he knows.
  • To write latest news about any topic and much more.

So a blog is like your dairy but only difference, any one can read your blog. When you blog has interesting content, more visitors will come to read and hence it gains popularity, income. Ultimately, a blogger can make money from blogs too.

At the end of this article, you will be clear about how to blog ? how to promote your blog ? And how to make money from blog ? Understand the answers for all these questions, definitely you will be making money as a blogger.

Lets see each of these steps/questions in detail. Before that, you should know that you can do all these without spending any money (yes, free of cost).

What To Blog ? Deciding Your Blog Topic.

First of all, you have to decide on what topic you are going to blog about ? To make a simple decision, just go by your knowledge/interest. List down, what are all the topics you are interested in your life/work. And identify one blog topic that you are more passionate or the most loving topic. Because you have to write useful articles “like this” for your blog.

I am interested about online business concepts and hence i am writing articles on this blog about money making and online business. Similarly, decide your topic and create a blog.

Now, how to create a blog ? You can easily create free blogs using blogger.com. If you are ready to buy your own domain (website) then just go for ghostgator.com or godaddy.com and register a domain on your name (it costs less than 50$). Beginners, better to go for blogger.com because it doesn’t requires any technical knowledge to manage a blog. Just a person with basic computer skills could publish articles on a blogger blog easily.

Take time to find a good name for your blog that’s more important. A blog name with keywords (for example, “drivingtips”, “financehelp”) or a brand name that you prefer is always good.

To help you, I have placed the below video which tells you how to create a blogger blog ? Watch the video and create one blog for you.

So your blog is ready, now you can start writing articles on the decided topic. You have to write useful articles which helps your reader.

Useful articles are like “How To”, “Tips To”, “latest news/updates” etc which surely helps the readers. Keep a writing schedule (5 articles per week or 1 article per day) and stick to that. Keep your work going and going. How Long ? Forever πŸ™‚ Your articles should be in and around the topic.

Making Money From Blogs.

There are numerous methods to make money from your blog. The best and the simplest methods are from Ad Networks & promoting affiliate products.

Ad Networks like Google Adsense, Yahoo Publisher Network are the best to use publishing networks. There are more such programs like Adbrite, Kontera, InfoLinks etc. Joining any of these Ad network is simple and its free to join.

The idea is just to put a piece of code on your site and that displays advertisements closely related to your blog topic. This creates the chance for your visitors to click on the displayed advertisements. When you are paid for each click, its pay-per-click. When paid for number of impressions (usually every thousand impressions), its pay-per-impression.

As you are a blogger user, integrating Adsense with your blog is extremely simple. If your blog has more visitors then more clicks and hence making more money.

Just watch the below video on, how to add Google Adsense Ads on your blog ?

Promoting Affiliate Products. You could easily promote others product on your blog. The products should be closely related to your blog topic. Promotions are like selling a product or sending visitors to others.

Affiliate Networks like clickbank, commission junction, amazon gives you such products for promotion. You will be paid money as commission for each sale you make. So more visitors, more sales and making more money. As a blogger user, you could easily integrate amazon affiliate products on your blog. There are much more alternatives apart from clickbank, CJ, amazon etc. here is a great 50+ list of Money Making Programs, check it out.

See the below video on, how to integrate amazon products for sale on your blog ?

Blog Promotion & How To Promote ?

Now promotion, it looks like getting more visitors is important, right ? Yes. You have to drive more visitors to your blog to make more money. This can be done through blog promotion. Promoting a blog is extremely wide topic and here you will see, how to promote your blog (the most important factors) ?

Promoting Via Search Engines. When it comes to search engine traffic, keywords are more important because your blog will appear on search result pages for the keywords entered by searcher. So use the keywords on your blog that are more searched, they are called Demanding Keywords. Find out the demanding keywords using Google Keyword Tool. It simply shows the statistics for the keywords that you enter as input.

Search engines measures the popularity of a blog by numerous factors. Two major factors are keyword usage in your site and number of links pointing to your site from other sites (ie., backlinks). So use the keywords wisely without stuffing your blog with repeated keywords.

Generally, blogs will get about 70-80% of visitors from search engines (esp. Google & Yahoo).

Gaining Referral Visitors.

One source of visitors coming from search engines and the other source from referrals. ie., from other sites to your site. How to gain such referral visitors ?

  • Find a blog on your topic and ask them to link your blog.
  • Write articles related to your blog topic, include your blog link and publish in article submission sites (ezinearticles.com, hubpages.com, goarticles.com).
  • Participate in a related forum and add your site link in the signature.
  • Use social media tools like Twitter, Facebook and drive your followers to visit your blog.

That’s it, this way you will gain referral visitors and also get backlinks to your blog which makes your blog popular in search engines eye. That’s a great approach, right ?

Finally, you have to work & work consistently for the growth of your blog. Building a successful blog and making money from that will take time (at least 6 months to 1 year). But once grown, you could make great income from your blog ! Don’t wait, start a blog today and you will be making money in future….


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    Great Site full of good useful information,really helped me.

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    Hey great, this has been a awesome help to me, I have had some really strange trouble in my personal life recently and it is funny how little things can really pick you back up or make you look differently on the horrible things and get working on the other things in life. Anyway thank you.

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    if you really want to increase your adsense earnings the best I can recommend is to read some ebooks. i spent two years earning almost nothing until i sat in my chair and started reading. learn learn learn, as they say.

  4. Good video. Especially relatable for those of us trying to make some money with Amazon, but you could speak up a little, and the video seems a bit short.

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      Hi George, you can check this another related article here which guides you with some more details…Thanks.

  5. KSingh - Reply

    Programmes like Google Adsense or Chitika are great ways to monetise your blog. Surely, there are those who make a lot of money this way but in my personaal experience, it is very difficult to generate significant sums from these methods. Direct advertising or selling products is by far a more lucrative option.

    • Ven Tesh - Reply

      Rightly said KSingh. It is true that PPC based programs work only for sites with huge traffic, in that case product selling turns better for smaller sites as a first step. Thanks.

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