We all know well about Apple’s iPhone (no introduction required) and do you know, you could sit and start iPhone App Business too?

Apple had made huge profits from their iPhone as it became one of the most popular product in the market. You may not know that they have setup a way for you to do business with them?

Yes, Apple had setup a program especially for iPhone App developers. They have a market place to sell your own App to a wider audience.

This article is for those who are willing to start their own iPhone App Business. Its one of the hot, profitable, latest business idea in Internet. All you need to understand the right steps to execute this business.apple-490485_640

Lets see it in detail.

Demand For iPhone App.

Its required to understand the market demand before you start a business. Every business needs to supply for the demand and it has to face the competition also. iPhone’s are already boomed in the market with rich features.

To make iPhone too richer, iPhone Apps are the key solution which gives more comfort solutions to the end user.

  • Say, an empty iphone is like a cake without cream and if you add additional iPhone Apps, its the fresh cream cake ! Finally, most people wants to eat the cake with cream, right ? That’s the demand for iPhone App.

If you search Google for iPhone Application, you will get tonnes of web sites to download iphone apps and that shows the nature of demand in market. So don’t delay the launch of this business anymore.

  • Go and take these App development courses (without even programming knowledge) which guides you to quickly start iPhone App business.

An App Idea For Business.

Every business starts with an idea and many times even silly ideas may turn you profits. Always good ideas are appreciated and when properly placed, it works well for your business. So come up with an application idea.

The best iPhone App is the one which solves the users problem. Think such problems (generally, what people will have when they hold iPhone in hand ?) and list down the ideas.

Finally, short list the best idea to execute.

Check Apple Store for sample iPhone Apps already in the market.

Framework For iPhone App.

Once the idea is ready, you have to make a framework for the iPhone App development. Its the core part of your business. This framework should cover everything like,

  • User Requirements of your application.
  • The App’s design, menus, widgets, look and feel etc.
  • Feature lists and “Unique” features which are not there in other Apps.
  • The target audience of your App (students/business people/girls etc.)

iPhone App Development.

The hardest of iPhone App business is the development stage. Now you have the framework ready and you could start the development of application. There are 2 options here.

  • In-House Development. For those who have programming experience could develop the app by themselves. All you need the iPhone development kit where you could do the coding and testing of apps.
  • Outsource Your Development. For those who don’t have programming knowledge, there are even ways to develop apps. Yes, by outsourcing the app development to other experts. You could find many cheap app developers in freelancing sites like Odesk, Elance. Hire them and put your framework as requirement, get it done.

Setup App Business Income.

You are done with the app development and now you are ready to launch it. Before that you should decide, how you are going to make money from iPhone App?

You can sell the iPhone App for money as a paid version or run Ads on the App as a free version.

You could compare the other iPhone App to understand, what pricing model they are using. Based on the that fix up a rate for your application.

The volume of sale decides the success!

Marketing iPhone App.

Once your iPhone App is ready, you could simply publish it over Apple Store and it creates exposure to millions of people. When they like your App, they will buy the App and you earn money! As mentioned earlier, the volume of iPhone sales you make decides the income and success.

If your App stands out from the rest, definitely it works great.

Alternatively, you could set up a blog and write about your iPhone App to find more targeted customers. Or contact other bloggers and ask them to review your App.


Now I think, we are clear about how to start an iPhone App business ?

It looks so simple but in reality, you have to sit and work especially, if you are developing yourself. In case of outsourcing, you must keep an eye on the quality of App because you should not loose the quality – when it goes to others hand.iphone-410316_640

When you are comfortable with developing the first app, you could simply repeat this business quickly to make more money in future!

To get more step-by-step help to start iPhone App business, take these App courses from Udemy.

You can also follow my steps to make money from Android App, in case if you are interested in Android development.


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  1. Ruchit patel - Reply

    Nice article. Here is also one good article for newbees to enter in App business.

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      Thx for sharing a reference to my readers !

  2. Julie M. - Reply

    Great article. Here’s how I started my business – I don’t know Objective C and didn’t want to outsource my app developments so I did some research online. I found Big Forge, they have a product called Local Beacon that allows me to easily build and customize my apps. I’m a marketing person (not a programmer) who found a niche of businesses that wants affordable iPhone apps. I purchased a white label, very affordable compared to other companies, and hit the ground running. I’d suggest targeting small business that only want to spend $500 or so on an app, as once you’ve got an app done for one it’s easy to target other companies within the same industry. I can’t say enough about Big Forge, their product is easy to use and they really helped me get started.

    • Ven Tesh - Reply

      That’s great. Thanks for the advice Julie M.

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