WordPress is one of the best open source Content Management Service. Almost all the popular blogs are running on wordpress system. Its meant for the simplicity as well as the powerful features. WordPress plugins are the life safer which helps to make anything possible with your wordpress blog.

In fact, wordpress plugins are the big problem solvers and feature enhancers. Now for your idea to start a forum, you could use wordpress without any hassles. Forums are meant for automatic growth provided you are marketing good in the earlier stage to attract more members. Once grown, you could see tremendous growth in your forum site.

Okay, lets see what are those plugins to start a forum with wordpress….

Simple Press WordPress Forum Plugin.

Check the Simple Press site and FAQ page for more information.

simple-press-forumFew videos which may help to understand Simple Press:

Installing WordPress Forum Plugin

Installing Simple:Press Forum

Creating Groups and Forums in Simple:Press Forum

Bbpress Forum Plugin.

Check bbpress website for more information and the documentation page.

bbpress forum websiteFew videos which may help to understand bbpress:

bbPress Installation Tutorial

how to setup buddypress, bbpress forum

bbPress/Wordpress Intergration

Hope these plugins will help you to start your own forum website using wordpress. Have a look on these installation videos which helps step-by-step in setting up your new forum.


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