Social media websites are one of the major source of blog traffic, when compared to other sources of traffic like search engines or Google. Facebook, Twitter are the most dominated social networks with almost every person in the world using it.

With this huge user base, you can quickly bring some share of people to the blog through your social pages.

See the below infograph which shows lot of statistics about the top social media media statistics

However, building that huge fan base around your social profile is one of the toughest part of it.

Further, engaging your blog readers to share your content on Facebook, Twitter is more crucial for a blog’s growth.

  • Always, I strongly believe that search engine traffic is more valuable and quality, when compared to social media traffic. Because, Facebook Twitter users are mostly “passive users” and generally, people roam around on these sites when they are feeling lazy or bored.
  • However, people who search on Google are more serious and seriously looking for an information, they are “active users”. When they land on your blog and if they find what they need – they do remember your blog and its brand.
  • At the same time, you could not completely ignore the traffic from social media sites. Traffic from social network counts, helps to simply keep your blogs traffic diversified as an online business and reduces the major dependencies on Google or other search engines.

In order to get more blog traffic from social media sites, you must have the right tools in place.

For WordPress based blogs, there are always handy plugins that can save lot of time for you. For person like me, going for a full time job – these plugins are the real time saver.

I did a lot of research for BlashO, found these are the best and must-to-have WordPress plugins.

Lets get into the list….

#1 – SumoMe WordPress Plugin.

This is an All-In-One marketing plugin for your WordPress blog. My favourite too.sumome plugin

SumoMe has all the required features for a blog to make it social friendly.

  • You get social sharing buttons, which supports all the major networks.
  • You get text sharer, when your visitor selects or highlights a text on your blog.
  • You get Image sharing feature, which appears when your visitor hovers mouse pointer over an image.

Interestingly, you can also track every aspect of these tools and a nice graph shows, how the social shares are happening in your blog. It also has E-Mail subscription popups and sliding bars which can really help you to promote your blog not only with Facebook or Twitter but also to bring in new E-Mail subscribers.

All these features has the power to bring more traffic to your blog.

It have published a detailed review of SumoMe from my own experience, don’t miss it.

#2 – Simple Follow Me Social Buttons Widget.

As the name says, this is a simple follow me WordPress plugin which helps to show social buttons on the sidebar of your blog. You can customize the icons color to make it unique and stylish. It supports almost all the famous networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. You can choose the icon style like: circle, square etc. part from the size, color customizations.

I personally use this plugin here in BlashO and I like it.follow me icons with color choice

#3 – Click To Tweet WordPress Plugin.

With this plugin, you can show a Click-to-Tweet box like below:

[Tweet “Want more #blog traffic from social media? Try these #WordPress Plugins”]

This plugin shows a cute little box that your visitors can click and tweet it. You can use it to encourage Tweets of famous Quotes, important messages, blog posts etc. All you have to just embed these boxes directly on your blog posts using shortcodes.

I personally use this plugin here in BlashO and it helps to encourage more Tweets on my blog.

#4 – Social Traffic Pop for traffic popup plugin

This is a decent one which shows a nice popup with share buttons.

The idea is to shows a time-out timer. Your visitors can view the content only when timer expires. In case, if they want to view the content immediately then they have to share it first.

This makes more sense that those who are in a hurry to view the content may share it.

Hence more shares = more traffic.

This is also a responsive plugin and hence the popup fits Mobile screen, Tablet screen without any issues.

See the demo here.

#5 – Facebook Like Box Widget.

As the name says, using this WordPress plugin you can show Facebook like box widget on the sidebar of your blog.

It shows the standard like box widget that you can see on various web sites around the web. You can customize the plugin to show with like box of different styles.

You can also customize the color scheme, Header On/Off, Posts On/Off, Face Icon On/Off etc. based on your own requirements.facebook like box widget setup

Must have plugin, if you are interested to show a like box in your blog and to increase your Facebook fans + traffic.

I disabled all these kind of Facebook like box widgets from my blog, in order to improve the blog’s loading speed.

#6 – Twitter WordPress Plugin.

This is the Official WordPress plugin released by Twitter.

If you want to Twitterize your blog then go for it. You can add a follow me button, tweet button and also, you can embed tweets inside blog posts.twitter official wordpress plugin

Other than the follow/tweet buttons, the Embed Tweet feature is really important one for your blog. You can easily embed important tweets in your blog which can simply increase the Twitter engagement in your blog.

#7 – Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress.easy social share method


Yet another social share button plugin.

If you want to show cute looking social share buttons throughout your blog then go for this plugin. There are tons of features that you love-to-use. You can also track the performance of the share buttons and customize it for more improvements than before.

You can see the demo of this plugin here.

#8 – Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar WordPress Plugin.

With this plugin, you can show floating share buttons. The buttons appear on the side of your blog and sticks there – hence increases the share button visibility to greater extent.custome share buttons for blog

It supports all the major social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.

This plugin can simply increase more shares of your blog post and hence brings more traffic to your blog. You can also customize the share buttons with your own image apart from customizing the button location.

#9 – WP Social Popup and Get Traffic Plugin.

Yet another popup plugin.

This plugin shows a popup for your visitors with all the social buttons as a blocker. It closes, when there are any social action made or the visitor can simply close it, using the X popup for traffic increase

Interestingly, you can configure this plugin with Twitter profile, Facebook fan page, Google+ Page etc. It can show different popups every day.

For example, it shows your Facebook fan page on Monday and Twitter Profile on Tuesday. This way, you can increase traffic to your blog by increasing the social engagement on all major popup for traffic days configuration

#10- Social Locker – Increase Traffic WordPress Plugin.

As the name says, you can lock the content of your blog (posts, pages) using this plugin. The plugin shows a popup without any close button, it contains all social sharing buttons only.

In order to view the content, your visitor has to first share it on any social network. This way, you can quickly increase your blog traffic from major social media sites.content locker to get traffic

I personally, don’t feel this to be a right approach because it doesn’t makes sense sharing a content before viewing.

However, you can put this social locker for pages with more expected content (for example, pages with download URLs or reference URLs or Reports etc).

#11 – Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin

Statistics say that Pinterest is one of social network which drives more traffic than Google+ especially for blogs which has lot of images.

This WordPress plugin automatically finds the images from your blog posts and Pins it on Pinterest. You can also choose the images and track the performance from the dashboard.pinterest automatic pinning plugin See the demo of this Pinterest plugin here.

#12 – GetSocial WordPress Plugin.

Yet another plugin to show cute looking share buttons.

The cute looking share button may tempt sharing and definitely brings more traffic to your blog. You can also track the sharing stats from the admin dashboard apart from design customizations.get social icons setup

However, the free version has some limitations on number of impressions and hence I personally preferred SumoMe instead of GetSocial.

These are quick list of WordPress plugins that has the power to get more traffic to your blog.

Here in BlashO, I use SumoMe, Simple Follow Me and Click To Tweet.


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