Social media icons are all part of a blog. We have to show them at appropriate places so that it can grab the visitors attention and driveway for social activities. Right from sharing to building followers we have to show the social media icons from those famous networks like facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

You may have to change the color of social media icons in order to customize the design of your blog. Mostly, for a branding purpose or sometimes, to perform a test you may have to change the colors. Apart from colors, you may also need to change the icon size, shape etc.color choice

Recently, for BlashO I decided to the change the color of all the social media icons from the standard color to a custom color matching the theme.

The home page of BlashO and also, the footer has a dark theme. Hence, I decided to change the icon colors to a dark design.

I explored various options and found the best + easiest way to change the icon colors without much hard work.

I hope this will be helpful to you.

1. Perfect Icons

The simplest way to customize the size, shape, hover effect and also, the color of social icons. You can adjust the settings and the dynamic preview shows how the icon looks instantly.

Looks it supports more than 50 different icons and also, you can link to your own social profile.

An easy to use tool especially if you are looking to create a custom icon with different colors/style. Once done, you can download the scripts/icon as a .zip file.

You can use it for standalone purpose or customize your WordPress plugins to use the new icons.Perfecticons - settings to change social media icons color

2. Customizr

Yet another social media icon creation tool with options to change color, opacity (in percentage), size. You can control all these properties of the inner social network logo as well as the overall outer icon properties.

It supports 50+ social networks and related tools. You can choose from preset shapes and colors in order to make your work simpler. It also supports 20+ different icon shapes whereas the free version allows to use only 2 of them.

However, there are no limits to customize the icon color.

You can download the icons as .PNG file or .SVG file.Customizr Icon Generator » Social Media Icons

3. Share for SumoMe

SumoMe is one of my favorite social marketing tools. I personally use it here in BlashO and I find it really useful to bring in all the required as well as advanced growth hacks. Right from social sharing (post/page, text, image) to E-Mail subscription widgets, SumoMe is the best tool.

If you are using SumoMe then you can easily customize the icon color right from the dashboard.

The below screenshot shows where to change the icon color on a WordPress version, go to the settings page of “Share” and do the following:SumoMe icon color settings

4. Custom Share Buttons WordPress Plugin

With custom share buttons WordPress plugin, you can easily customize the icons in your blog. It has an option to upload the social media icon yourself.

You can simply create a new icon according to your color choice using the above-mentioned PerfectIcons or Customizr tool and then upload to this plugin.

Done.Custom Share Button Settings

5. Simple Follow Me Widget

Yet another WordPress plugin which helps to showcase your social profile URLs from the sidebar of your blog.

This is a widget and hence you can place it on sidebars, footer bars etc.

It has an option to choose the social media icon colors, it supports all the major social networks including facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest etc.

If you have a “follow us” kind of section in blog’s sidebar then you can try this plugin and customize the icon colors, size.

Icons are Retina-ready.follow me icons with color choice


If you are looking to brand your blog then it’s good to customize the icon colors. It’s totally your own choice, some may want to keep it same with the official style/colors.

For BlashO, I am using SumoMe and Simple Follow Me. They both have the option to change the social media icon colors, shape, size.

Good Luck.


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I love-to-code, passionate-to-write, an upcoming author, and WordPress enthusiast. Here at BlashO, I mostly share WordPress tips. Connect with me @Twitter.

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  1. This is helpful, thank you. I’m using SumoMe and got the background color changed, but how do you change the actual icon color- default is black, but I see that yours are white?

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