An image is worth a thousand words.

Images are integral part of a blog. When it comes to optimization, it is really required to keep your image size reduced – as search engines like Google, are considering load time as an important factor in ranking. It also improves your site performance for the user.

In case of WordPress based blogs, there are lot of free plugins available from the plugin store. These plugins are very much handy that images will be automatically compressed, once you upload to your blog.

Here in BlashO, I am using the WP Smush, EWWW Image Optimizer.

With these plugins installed, I don’t need to worry about any kind of image size optimization.

However, there are cases where you may want to reduce your image to greater extent.

For example, while optimizing my blog’s home page, I found there are images with higher size. Even though these WordPress plugins installed, I could not reduce the image size further.a high quality image

Hence I was looking for alternative ways to reduce the image size.

There are lot of sites which can help you to reduce image file size.

I explored many of them and compared, how much size they can reduce without much losing image quality.

I hope these sites may help you to reduce your images size, in case if you want to specifically optimize it greater extent.

The original image, I used for this comparison test has 147 kb. 

Lets compare all these sites and see, how much it can reduce it.

#1 – Image Optimizer

You can upload your image. Choose the quality level (from Minimum file size to Best Quality). Select the image size, in case if you want to resize it. Click “Optimize Now!” and download the optimized image. Done.

Optimized, no file size change with default settings.image-optimizer-reduced-size

#2 – Jpeg Optimizer

A specialized site to reduce JPEG image size. Choose your file, select the compression level (ranges between 0-99) and click “Optimize Photo”. It shows the reduced file that you can right click and “save as…”

Image size reduced to 46% 


#3 – Dynamic Drive Image Optimizer

Supports 3 different file types: GIF, JPG, PNG. You can specify an online location of the file or choose from your PC. Select the output format and click “optimize”. It has upload size limit of 2.86 MB.

Once optimized, it shows the reduced file in different sizes. This is one of the best site and helps you to quickly reduce your image size (can choose from various reduced sizes).

Image size reduced to 66% (below this quality reduced much)


#4 – Tiny PNG

Not only PNG, it also supports JPG. You can drag-n-drop the file on the site and once you click “tiny png”, it optimizes the image. You can click the “download” link to save it.

Image size reduced to 51%


#5 – Optimizilla

Yet another best site for image optimization. Once you upload your image, you can pick the output image quality and click “Apply” to save it. It is easy-to-use, you can just adjust the quality bar and see, how much file size it can reduce it for you.

Quality bar helps to compare and reduce. One of the best.


#6 – Kraken Web Interface

With the free version, you can choose the optimization mode between lossy and lossless. It just reduces the file size and you can save it by clicking “Download this file”. You can also save it as a .zip file

Image size reduced to 30%


#7 –

This is one of the fancy site for image optimization. It supports 4 different file formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG. You can also pick between Lossy and Lossless modes. It also shows the size/quality before and after compression. Nice tool.

Image size reduced to 41%


#8 – WebResizer

Once uploaded your image, you can choose various options like: size, sharpness, image quality (between 10-100), contrast, border etc. This is more than a compression tool.

Size reduced to 48%web-resizer-48-percentage-reduced

#9 – Reduce Images

With this site, you can reduce image size in 3 steps. Upload – Select New Size – Download. You can select output format: JPG, PNG, GIF and also, Image quality (in percentage % ).

Image Size Reduced to 55%reduce-image-test

#10 – JPEG Reducer

Supports PNG and JPEG. Only file size less than 2 MB. You can upload or specify an online URL of your image, click “Reduce It”. Done.

This is a resizer only.jpeg-reducer-test


There are lot more sites. However, when I compared all these 10 sites, I found below are the best sites to reduce your image size.

I was able to reduce,

  • the file size from 147 KB to 47 KB using Optimizilla (~68% reduction)
  • the file size from 147KB to 48 KB using Dynamic Drive  (~67% reduction)

With Optimizilla, you can adjust the quality bar and compare, how far you can reduce the image size without much losing the quality.

With Dynamic Drive, it automatically reduces the image to different sizes. You can simply see, which one has better quality and download the best one.

Hope my comparison helps you to optimize an image file size without much losing quality.

Let me know, what tool you use?


About the Author:

I love-to-code, passionate-to-write, an upcoming author, and WordPress enthusiast. Here at BlashO, I mostly share WordPress tips. Connect with me @Twitter.


  1. Sushil Singh - Reply


    I am also owning my own web development company and would like to share my experience of another online tool which is a s powerful as the tools mentioned above.I am using this tool a png/jpg/gif image compressor and it is helping me to compress bulk images maximum 50 at one shot and i believe that is enough to serve you for speeding up your website.This compressed images gets converted into a zip folder hence you just take few milliseconds to open and view this image.

    Another best part of this tool is you don’t need additional plug ins.Hence you enjoy a faster website as it has no chances of increasing load which normally a plug in does.

    Technically speaking this tool helps you to reduce your image size by 70-80% of the total KB.You can also interchange colors without making any changes in the appearance of the picture whilst maintaining its same quality.

    So i am sure you will be executed in using this new tool which I am doing now.Just go for it…Its worth it.

    • Ven Tesh - Reply

      Hi Sushil, Good it has the option to pick the compression levels also. thanks for sharing the tool.

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