Don’t know where to sell private Ads for your blog ? That’s a great idea that you have taken today. Yes, its one of the major source of income for many successful bloggers. Apart from regular Adsense and Affiliate income, selling private ads is concrete method to increase your blogging income. You could make a constant or fixed amount of money by selling private ads space on your blog every month. This article is very simple and it lists down the sites (options) where you could immediately sell your Ad space. These are the most popular sites too.

BuySellAds – As of now, it has nearly 1000 registered bloggers and many advertisers waiting to buy Ad space. Its one of the quickly grown network in this industry and to mention, currently they are taking 25% share of your Ad revenue. For example, if you sell ads for 100$ then BSA pays you 75$ only.

Linkworth is basically text based Ad trade where you could find advertisers expecting to place text ads directly on your blog. For each link you place, you will be paid money. Currently, Linkworth pays you 70% share of the Ad revenue you earn. Apart from this, you could utilize their affiliate program which yields you 5% commission from your referral earnings.

Textlinkbrokers is similar to Textlinkads but your blog should have at least Google PR 1 (now-a-days GPR are not valued, but still they are sticking to that old strategy) to participate. Looks, you have to manually place the links and get approved with earnings same like linkworth. This site has many SEO services especially to improve search engine rankings by offering one way links or xchange of links between different webmasters.

Adbrite, one the best Pay Per Click based Ad publisher, it has the option for selling the Ad directly from your blog. At the bottom of the regular Ad, it places a link like “Your Ad Here” and when the advertiser finds your site, he could directly buy Ads from Adbrite. It has both Text and banner Ads support.

TNX.Net, its yet another text based Advertising. It goes one more level by selling text ads on every page of your blog instead of just trading only with the homepage. Currently, TNX takes 12.5% share of your Ad revenue as commission and you will be paid with the remaining. They are telling all the sales are automated and i don’t believe you could find quality in that service (just my guess).

OIOPublisher, a PHP based Ad manager which is more wordpress friendly. You could sell banner Ads, Text Ads, In Text Ads, Paid Reviews etc. And you will be paid 100% of the revenue without out any commission deductions. Currently, for joining OIOPublisher you have to pay 47$ as one time payment.

WARNING: There are situations where Google puts your blog on Penalty, if you involve in Text based link trading. So beware of doing such activities.

I believe BuySellAds/OIOPublisher (i am not sure about other sites) has banner based advertising which is safer in that angle.

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