Making money from blog is your dream. Few interesting questions to you, do that easy to achieve ? How long it takes to drive such traffic ? How long it takes to make decent money from your blog ? These are the mind blowing questions, that every beginner blogger is having in their mind.

Its not like, you could become a famous blogger the next day with your blog. It actually requires hard work and dedication. This article is for those who are drained and struggling to Get more traffic to their blog. I am going to share you the “2 simple methods” which are common and smarter way of driving traffic to your blog and in turn making money out of it.

Blog Post Frequency Increases Traffic.

Recently, i did an experiment with this blog. Usually, i will write 3 articles per week and in a month i will write less than 15 articles. Last month, i doubled the blog post frequency. See my Archives, during the month of June, i have written nearly ~45 articles. That means almost 1.5 articles per day.

At this rate, my blog traffic increased by +50% and now it is getting almost ~150 visitors per day. I never worked seriously until the last month which really shows, blog post frequency affects blog traffic. There are much more interesting data to share and i will cover that in a separate post soon.

  • What you have to do ? dedicate time for writing more useful stuffs for your blog. This way, you will get more traffic from search engines because more pages are indexed which means more gateway of visitors.

Twitter Followers Vs Traffic.

I never used twitter seriously. And i had very few followers, less than 100 followers. And again, as part of my recent experimentation’s, i worked to increase Twitter followers. The tool that i used is Buzzom, which helps you to find and follow targeted people in Twitter. In less than 15-20 days, i reached almost 600+ followers and now i am nearing ~1000 Twitter Followers.

Whats the effect ? Increase in traffic especially from Twitter and number of retweets on my blog post had increased too. That means, blog posts are spreading viral to many people. Interestingly, Twitter visitors are staying more time in my blog.

The traffic...

The traffic…

Making Money From Your Traffic.

The amount of visitors coming to your blog is directly proportional to income. It also depends on how well you have monetized your site.

  • First, don’t stick to 1 or 2 methods like Adsense and Clickbank, instead try out variety of methods. You could try to sell private ads too (see these Sites for selling private ads).
  • Secondly, the nature of traffic, either you are getting buyer traffic or surfer traffic, you have to pay attention to it. That’s the targets of blog traffic. For example, if you are not at all getting buyer traffic, you could not sell affiliate products, Advertisements will become the best source of revenue.
  • Depends on the traffic source, you have to monetize your blog. Even Low traffic blogs could make money by well utilizing the visitors and effective monetization.

Finally, driving traffic and making money from your blog is not so simple as you think. It highly depends on the topic too because blog topic affects growth and income. But always keep in mind that serving your readers with quality content is one of the most simplest method to bring in quality traffic which converts. Serving visitors indirectly brings in traffic as well as money !

Keep on serving, the best…



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  1. Very good tips! thanks for the information. I dont have a twitter account, but after reading this article, I think i should get it to help increase traffic to my blog.

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