User navigation is one of the key element to consider on your WordPress blog. When it comes to blog design, the utmost requirement is to design a user-friendly navigation. It helps the visitors to easily access all the information from your blog.

If you have seen Twitter or facebook, you might be already knowing the infinite scroll option. Without clicking any links, you will see the posts/shares easily by just scrolling down the to show infinite scroll?

In your WordPress blog, showing an infinite scroll helps to easily access the blog posts without clicking any link.

The advantages of showing infinite scroll option are:

  • Easy access to blog posts without clicking on any link
  • Makes the visitors stay on your blog for longer time
  • Helps the visitors to read a lot of content on your blog
  • In fact, it creates an addiction to the visitor and makes them scroll infinitely
  • Overall, improves the blog navigation

In this article, I will take you through the steps to show infinite scroll option (or the load more option) on your WordPress blog.

Without WordPress plugin, show infinite scroll or load more blog posts.

When it comes to WordPress, there are a lot of themes available in the market. Most of the recent or modern themes have the option to show infinite scroll. If you are still using an old WordPress theme then for sure it’s your mistake.

This is the time to change your theme, I am using the Avada theme which has the option to show infinite scroll and also, it has the option to show load more options as a button.

Avada theme has the following 3 options:

  1. show blog posts as a pagination – using this option, breaks down the blog page into pages. For example, each page will be showing 10 blog posts and the visitor shall navigate by pages to see next blog posts.
  2. show blog posts as an infinite scroll – using this option, when visitors scroll down the page, it automatically shows the next blog posts.
  3. show blog posts with load more button – using this option, when a visitor clicks on the load more button, it shows the next blog posts.

The best way to show infinite scroll option is by switching to Avada theme or Elegant theme which has the infinite scroll options pre-built in it (no need to install any WordPress plugin).

Using WordPress plugin, show infinite scroll or load more blog posts.

The easiest way to show the infinite scroll or load more option is by using the Ajax load more WordPress plugin. Just install the plugin and it automatically enables infinite scroll on your WordPress blog.

Let’s see the detailed steps:

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Install the plugin, WordPress Infinite Scroll – Ajax Load More.
  3. Once installed, go to Ajax Load More – Shortcode Builder.
  4. Copy the shortcode as shown in the below screenshot:infinite scroll shortcode
  5. Paste the shortcode into the blog page and Update.
  6. Done. Now you can see the infinite scroll enabled.

The plugin has options to customize the appearance of infinite scroll icon or load more button style.

  • Go to Ajax Load More – Settings.
  • Choose the infinite scroll icon as shown below:style of infinite scroll icon
  • In case, if you enable load more button then you can choose the button style as follows:load more button style
  • Finally, don’t forget to save the changes.

The Ajax load more plugin has both the infinite scroll or load more options available. You can also customize the style of the infinite scroll icon or load more button.

Nowadays, most of the WordPress theme supports this feature and you don’t need a separate plugin to enable this option. If your theme is not supporting infinite scroll then for sure you are with an outdated theme, better switch to Avada theme (I use here at BlashO) or Elegant theme. Both are leading WordPress themes and you can easily customize the blog design without touching the source code.

Let me know, how do you show infinite scroll on your WordPress blog? Do you use a plugin or a theme with built-in options for infinite scroll or load more button.


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