When it comes to advertisements, you have to follow the best practices especially with ad programs like Google Adense. By following the best possible approach, you can better monetize your blog.

Your ad revenue is directly proportional to the ad placement.

In fact, the best ad placement varies from blog-to-blog. However, when you place an advertisement at the right place where it can get a lot of attractions, it can yield great results.

At the same time, when you place the ads inside the blog post there are high chances that your readers will easily reach to it – hence you can a make more money.

Once the readers see it, they may find it relevant and click on it. This is not just about Google Adense, you can even place a banner Ad inside the blog post content in order to attract the visitors or any kind of ad code.How to show ad inside WordPress blog post?

In this article, I will take you through the steps to show ads inside the blog post content without any hassles!

Scenario #1: Show ads inside blog post content.

As a first scenario, let’s see how to place an advertisement inside the blog post content.

Simply follow the below steps:

  1. Install the Ad Inserter plugin.
  2. Once installed, go to Settings > Ad Inserter.
  3. You will see the list of all Ad blocks, let’s take the block-1 as follows: Ad inserter setup page
  4. Paste your advertisement code in that black box as follows:Paste ad code into box
  5. Now comes the important setup, you have to choose where to show this Ad.
  6. Pick the option “After Paragraph”.
  7. Setup the number of paragraphs (after which the ad has to appear). You set this count based on where you want the ad, in case, if you want in the middle then you setup at least 4 or 5 paragraphs accordingly.Select after which paragraph to place ad
  8. If you put 0 – it means random paragraph, 0.5 – it means at half of the blog post, 0.2 – it means at 20% down from the top of blog post.
  9. The options are highly customizable, you can play with it.
  10. Don’t forget to click “Save All Settings”.
  11. Similarly, you can create different block each with a different type of ad placements.

Scenario #2: Insert ads above/below blog post content.

In scenario #1, we placed the ad inside the blog post. Similarly, you can also place the ads above the blog post content or even below the content.

This can be done using the same plugin (Ad Inserter), it has a lot of interesting options to explore.

All you have to follow the same steps as listed in scenario #1, just pick the “Automatic Insertion” with the option: Before Content or After Content.

You can see the selection in the below screenshot:Ad placement before or after blog post content

There are a lot of other options to setup like After Post, Before Post, Footer, In Comments Section etc.

Paste your ad code and don’t forget to save the changes.


With Ad Inserter plugin, there are a lot of options to perform ad placement.

Not just inside the blog post, you can play around with different placement strategies and test the ad performance on your blog. You can even place an ad in the sidebar of your blog.

The results will vary from blog-to-blog.

One option may work for me well, the other option may work well for you. So you to “do the experiment and fix it”.

I hope this blog post helps you to in setting a different type of ad placement around the blog post as well as throughout your WordPress blog.

Also, let me know how you are placing the ads and what kind of placement works the best for you!

Good luck.


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