Long URL’s are so boring.

  • They look spammy, in fact, your blog visitors may find it awkward.
  • It can totally break the trust of your site.

Hence, it is a good practice to have short URL always.

Short URL’s are so handy.

  • It helps to easily share the URL.
  • It looks so professional.

In short, when it comes to links, people love “short” not the long.

If you explore the web there are a lot of URL shortening services available. However, you have to visit their site and shorten the link.

It’s always a painful job.

For WordPress, we got a lot of handy plugins that helps to quickly convert a long URL into a short URL. You use a custom domain name also of your own choice that generally I have seen many people using a few letters of their name as a short domain (with a .me extension).

However, Goo.gl a professional service like Google, when they offer a shortening service people don’t find it spamming.How to create short URLs?

There are a lot of ways to shorten the link from your WordPress blog. Today, I will take you through the best WordPress plugins that help to create short URL for any blog post or page that you create.

Installation & Setup of Short URLs (using Goo.gl) directly from WordPress dashboard.

Google URL shortener the easy to use one. As I told earlier, these short URLs are always trusted by the people easily since it is from Google.

It can automatically create short URL that too directly from your blog post page using the Goo.gl plugin.

  1. The plugin is simple and nothing to setup. Just install and leave it.
  2. You can see the get short link button as shown in the below screenshot:click to get short URL
  3. Just click on it, you can see the short URL.
  4. And also, you can see the short URL created automatically for all the blog posts from the below screenshot:automatically created short URLs in post page

The short link will be something like below:


This you can share with your visitors or you can share it on all social media websites like Twitter, Facebook etc.

Similarly, Bitly so widely used shortening service second to Google. You can shorten the links directly from their website. There are a lot of WordPress plugins available in the directory. Many are broken and I didn’t work.

Hence I don’t recommend using any other WordPress plugin other than Goo.gl plugin.

Tracking the performance of Short URLs.

You can also easily track the links and how they are performing in terms of clicks, user analytics. This is a free service by Google all you have to just visit the info page for the detailed analytics.

You can see all the statistics.

  • It shows the total clicks received for the link.for short URL, showing total number of clicks
  • The time frame you can pick between 2 hours, a day, a week, a month as shown in above screenshot.
  • It shows all the references from where the visitors reached this link.more analytics about the short URL
  • It shows the demographic information like from which country the visitors came from.
  • It shows the data about the platform for example, how many of the visitors are from Android platform or Windows platform etc.Demographics for short URL showing visitors country
  • In fact, it also shows the browsers used by the visitors like Chrome, Firefox etc.

Basically, this is the simplest and the best available URL shortener for a WordPress blog.

By tracking the links, you can easily identify, how the visitors are coming to this link so that you can do a lot of experimentation with it. Using this plugin, I can see all the short links from the blog post page too. Just click on the info link, you will be taken to the analytics page directly from the WordPress dashboard.

I don’t recommend any other WordPress plugin because I tried so many things and finally, found that this is the best way to create short URLs.

The advantages of shortening a link,

  • Short URLs look professional
  • They don’t look spammy
  • It is easy to copy & share
  • Of course, you can track the performance of the link

In case, if you want to know about other URL shortening services here is the full list.


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