Blogging is fun. And people may run a blog for many reasons, blogging is a huge online business too. Interestingly, many people are making money every month and living a life out of blogs.

Even I started with nothing and now my blog is growing faster every month. You may have a different aim with your blog as a business.

Ultimately, everyone wants to make money from blogs.

Every day new blogs are coming up and see this recent statistics on blog growth, it’s an interesting data.

Now the question, does every blog makes money?

The answer is NO. There are many factors which drive the blog growth.

First, Setup a Blog Traffic System!

When you are working hard to grow your blog, there is a situation where you have to turn your blog into a money making system ! Don’t worry, I am not going to sell any affiliate products. 🙂

I used the term, “System” because it needs to be a process and well-defined strategy. If you are able to grow your blog (in terms of Traffic, traffic and traffic) then you could simply establish such a money making system.

Ultimately, your blogs income is totally driven by the volume of visitors coming to your blog every day. In practical, more traffic blog earns more money! But even with lesser traffic too you could make that possible.

There comes the “Relevancy of visitors” and how well your blog gets Targeted visitors? Whenever we speak about traffic, we should speak about Targeted Traffic.

For example, a blog gets 10,000+ non-targeted visitors comparatively make worse income than a blog which gets 200+ targeted visitors.

  • The first step in setting up your blog into a system requires, Targeted Traffic!

To discuss further, I have classified the nature of blog traffic into 3 types:

  • Surfer Traffic – Visitors who just goes from pages to pages looking for information.
  • Research Traffic – Visitors who are seriously looking for information (he may buy from you)
  • Buyer Traffic – Visitor who are terribly looking to buy from your site 🙂
  • Learn more on, what kind of traffic makes money? and the long-term methods to get more blog traffic.

Second, Setup an Effective Making Money System.

Once your blog is getting such quality traffic, you could easily setup a system. The system should involve multiple strategies. For example, when your blog gets 300 visitors per day, that should be starting point to monetize it well. Many people monetize their blog from the day one, but I don’t believe in that strategy.

For me, growth and income has to happen in parallel.

So have a reasonable goal in your mind, work for that, achieve and then monetize your blog. It works well and your blog shines too with only profits for the long term.image with money

Your system should utilize multiple strategies like:

  • For Entry-Level Bloggers:
    • Don’t stick to few Advertising networks like Adsense, Chitika or Kontera.
    • Don’t stick into few Affiliate marketing networks like Clickbank, anything else.
    • Instead, mix it up, monetize with both ads and affiliate products.
    • Over a period of time, when you are mastering your niche, release your own product (a decent ebook is enough to start).
    • Try out selling private Ads, create an Advertise Here page in your blog and quote price for each ad spaces. Try out any of these Sites for selling private ads, there are many to choose.
    • Try out completely new strategies, for example, Revresponse which offers a different kind of monetizing strategy. It involves making your visitors download offers and earn for each successful download. People don’t hesitate to download free stuff.
    • Explore your mind and surf through established blogs. Find out how they have monetized their blog. Follow the same. This is one of my strategy, I will watch and analyze so many other blogs. This way, you will gain more knowledge to build up your blog into a money making system.
  • For Next-Level Bloggers:
    • Once you are on the constant growth path, you can create your own products and promote it from your blog. I had developed AffiLinker, a premium WordPress plugin and I promote it here in BlashO. Similary, you can find your own interest and see, what kind of product your audience may like to pay – create it and build wealth.

Final Thoughts….

To conclude, blogging needs lot of energy and you need to follow better strategies especially in driving traffic.

  • Have an aim like, “I will drive 500 visitors per day within 2 months”, make a plan and work for it.
  • Have another aim, “I will make 200$ from my blog next month”, plan it and earn!

Finally, in order to make a system you need huge targeted traffic and effective monetization. If you are able to do these 2 kinds of stuff then your blog will automatically become a money making system. Whatever way you monetize, it rocks and earns you good profits for the long term!

Good Luck.


About the Author:

I love-to-code, passionate-to-write, an upcoming author, and WordPress enthusiast. Here at BlashO, I mostly share WordPress tips. Connect with me @Twitter.


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    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      Hi, Thanks for noticing my blog post and your suggestions. To mention, I am already a Kontera publisher.

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    Terrific stuff from you, man. Ive read your stuff just before and youre just too awesome. I really like what youve got here, enjoy what youre saying as well as the way you say it. You make it entertaining and also you still manage to maintain it smart. I cant wait to read extra from you. This is truly a great blog.

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      thanks for your comment !

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    I am here to say hello to everybody.
    I’m freshman here. I’ll appreciate your help.
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