Featured image is an image which represents a blog post or page. It is also called as Thumbnail Image.

This feature was introduced in WordPress 2.9 onwards and almost every WordPress theme in this world has the support for featured image.

In case, if your WordPress theme is not supporting featured image then its time to upgrade your theme.

Here at BlashO, I use the Avada theme which is a feature-rich theme and yes, it supports featured/thumbnail images.How to set featured image?

How to set featured image, if your WordPress theme already supports?

Your theme may already support featured image, here are the steps to verify it.

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard
  2. Go to Posts > All Posts
  3. Click Edit and then go to the post edit page
  4. Locate for “Set featured image” link at the right sidebar as below:featured image link

If you are able to see the above link then it is confirmed that your WordPress theme supports featured image.

It’s simple now, just follow the below steps:

  1. Click the link “Set featured image”
  2. Pick the image from Media Library” or “Upload Files”
  3. Finally, click the button “Set Featured Image”set featured image in WordPress
  4. Done, now you can see the image selected in the sidebar as follows:now featured image is working

You can also “Remove featured image” or edit/change the featured image anytime.

How to set featured image automatically, if your WordPress theme doesn’t support?

In case, if your WordPress theme doesn’t support featured or thumbnail image do the following:

  • Its time to change your WordPress theme to the best one – there are a lot of great themes available in the market
  • I use Avada theme hence it is recommended to our readers too – it has every feature you think it
  • In case, if you are looking for a free theme, better browse the featured or popular themes

Again, if you are not interested to change your theme then better do the following:

  1. Install the Quick featured image WordPress plugin
  2. Once installed, go to Posts > All Posts – you can see the newly added option “Set featured image” as follows:featured image using WordPress plugin
  3. click on “Set featured image” and done, you can pick any image as a featured image.

Hope this post helps you today, in case if you face any issues or solved by another method, please leave a comment – it may help others too.


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