Long back, we discussed about how to make money by selling content ? Content selling is one of the interesting strategy of making money from Internet. If you have the right content then you could make great money out of it.

From our earlier discussion, i have identified that there are 3 types of content that always sells.

  • Timeless Content is the one which never deads and its valuable through out the life time. It makes money for you always…
  • Solution Content is the one which solves a problem on a particular topic and its valuable based on the nature of problem/topic.
  • Hot Content which are seasonal in nature and it sells great only when there is a demand. Its tightly coupled with time & market demand.

Keep in mind that producing useful content is the most important factor in making money than anything else. Okay, lets come to the topic where to sell content/ebooks ?

Here are the list of web sites where you could easily sell your content. Content can be anything like ebooks, videos or any digital form of downloadable content.

  • Lulu.com – One of the simplest web site to sell content. Its easy to operate especially for beginners. You could also convert your .txt files into attractive ebooks and sell that online too.
  • Payloadz.com – If you want to sell any digital downloadable content then payloadz is the right place. You could sell any thing from ebooks, softwares, articles, digital arts etc.
  • Youreeka.com – The best place to sell video content online. They have the patent pending technology on content encryption and payment gateways which supports users in performing great content sell over Internet. They could protect your video content from piracy too. You have to create a producer account first to sell videos.
  • Digital Content Center – Free to join web site where you could sell any kind of digital downloadable content. They assure immediate download/deliver of your content after receiving the payment. They have many new features & the one that takes your ebook to the next level is quite interesting. Check the pricing here.
  • Gazhoo.com – Gazhoo is a place to buy & sell documents, images & templates. Have a great document template ready, just click on the Upload button in their home page, it takes you to place your content for sale. Recently, they added support for Google Checkout.
  • Cerizmo.com – One of the best place to sell your ebooks online. Its very simple, upload your ebook and sit back. It automatically sells your ebook and pays you the earned money. Try a demo of cerizmo here.

Few more web sites to sell content online….

Here are some of the well known sites for selling contents like Clickbank, Commission Junction, Oooooc.com, Bookswealth.com, Google Affiliate etc. There are more websites to sell content but if you want to make more money from your content then just Produce Useful Content….


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  1. Atasi - Reply


    You can sell your content here newscollective dot com

    It has got a great network of Journalists & Publishers

    • Mr.Ven - Reply

      Atasi, Thanks for referring newscollective…

  2. Corrie - Reply

    I couldn’t believe how fantastic your website is. Quite frankly I haven’t found content like this maintain the great hard work.

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      Lets hope that i could continue with great content to help my readers…Thanks for your comment Corrie

  3. You can also sell content via auctionarticle.com, the concept there is to push original content, protect it and check to make sure it is original, but be warned if not results are published along with the content your trying to auction off 🙂

  4. You have given a good insight into the three types of content that sell. If I may add, how-to articles is an example of the Solutions Content category. The collection of sites you’ve given to sell content at is also useful. Thank you for the article.

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      Yes Sid, how-to articles are the best problem solver which brings in right audience who are really looking for a solution…See you back.

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